When Your Car Needs Body Repair Work

When Your Car Needs Body Repair Work


The owner of a car or a pickup truck will have plenty of repair and upkeep needs to keep track of for their vehicle. This ranges from changing the oil filter to rotating the tires to visiting auto body repair services in the case of glass repair, fixing hail damage, and other forms of auto body repair. Don’t forget car paint shops, either, since a car’s paint may suffer scratches or scrapes from time to time. Such auto body repair services can be found online, and the crews at these auto body repair services can offer services that are far beyond DIY range for a car owner. Repairing dents from hail or minor collisions can be made easy this way, not to mention fixing cracked glass.

Auto Body Repair Services

How often do cars in the United States suffer damage and require auto body repair services to get fixed? Quite often, actually. A recent survey shows that around 77% of American carts need repair or maintenance of some sort, and around six million car accidents take place in the nation every single year. Rear end collisions are especially common, and one takes place every eight seconds. True enough, car accidents cause may cases of dents or damage to car bodies, but that is not the only cause. A driver may lose control of their vehicle due to snow or rain or ice, and the car might slip and smash into a mailbox, fire hydrant, or other objects and suffer dents. In other cases, flying debris strikes a car, such as if a truck’s cargo comes loose and starts scattering. Bricks, rocks, or other objects might hit a car’s roof or hood and put dents in it. And of course, large, heavy hail may strike a car and riddle it with dents.

What to do? A car owner is urged to find auto body repair services in the area, which should probe easy enough to find online. The car owner might not only find the name and address of local repair shops, but also see average customer reviews and see what particular services a given shop might offer. This way, a car owner may visit a reputable auto shop that can definitely fix the problem. The staff there may remove parts of the car and pound out the dents from the other side, and restore the car’s shape. This clears up ugly dents on the car, and restores the car’s aerodynamic qualities to restore the fuel efficiency and performance. Not to mention how the car may sell for a better price later on if it does not have unsightly dents on its body.

Taking Care of Windshields and Rear Glass

Let’s not forget about the glass on a car, either. All cars and pickup trucks have windshields and glass on them, and this glass should not be taken for granted. Enough trauma can crack or even shatter the glass, and that can be inconvenient at best and deadly at worst. What might put cracks on a windshield or rear glass? Many hazards to the car’s body may also threaten the glass, such as large hail or flying debris that came loose from a truck in the middle of traffic. And in the case of a nasty car crash, the sheer kinetic force might crack the windshield or other glass, and either cover it in cracks or even shatter it entirely. And in some cases, vandalism is a real threat, when a person uses hard objects to strike a car’s glass and damage it. The vandal might throw bricks, use a crowbar or tire iron, or other objects. Vandals might dent the body, too.

Cracked glass is unsightly at best, and can easily distract the driver and prove difficult to see through. That’s a hazard on its own, not to mention how the glass is compromised and might shatter with just a bit more force. This is why cars with cracked glass often fail safety inspections. So, the car owner can take their vehicle to auto shops, have the compromised glass removed, and replaced with a whole new model. It’s one thing to pound dents out of the metal body; cracked glass must be replaced all in one go.

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