What Is the Dream Custom Roadster That You Want to Own?

What Is the Dream Custom Roadster That You Want to Own?


This is it.

Two graduations last spring and your parenting roles are quite diminished. When your younger daughter graduated from high school and your older daughter graduated from college, there were many people who wondered what you would do with all of your time. Friends and family members simply could not imagine how you would fill your days now that you would no longer be chasing a high school choir, band, and orchestra musician and a college gymnast. Every time that someone made this inquiry, however, you and your wife simply smiled and said that you were sure you would figure it out.

Heck, even your daughters were convinced that the two of you would be lost. Little did they know, however, that you had plenty of plans. As a fortunate result of years of hard work by your daughters they both earned college scholarships that paid for tuition, room, and board. This meant that the rather meager amount of money that you had managed to save for their college funds would more than cover the costs of their books, their trips back and forth home, and any dorm upgrades that they wanted to make. What it also meant, though, was that your monthly budget would be significantly reduced. With your older daughter working full time as a nurse and having absolutely no college debt to pay back, she was in a great spot. You still planned to give your younger daughter spending money every month, but that amount paled in comparison to the private piano, voice, and flute lessons that you had been paying for over the last 10 years.

For the first time since you have been married, you were going to have a significant amount of disposable income.

Have You Been Researching Cobra Kit Car Costs?
The house is not completely paid off, but you have a great interest rate and a comfortable payment amount that allows you to actually pay down the principle every month. With no credit card debt and nothing more than car leases and monthly bills, both you and your wife have a wish list. For your part, you finally want to be able to invest in a Shelby Cobra kit car that you have been admiring. Your have owned muscle cars in the past, but the last years have been too busy to keep up with all of the cleaning and maintenance that is involved. While your wife simply wants to have a little more vacation time with some of her high school and college friends, you are looking forward to hanging with the rather elite crowd of folks who can manage the Cobra kit car costs.

You will also do some traveling as a couple, but most of that will need to still be scheduled around your full time work schedules that you will both maintain. You still smile when the girls or your friends and families share concerns that you and your wife will simply not know what to do with all of your time, but the real truth is that you have been looking forward to a time in your life when you can afford the Cobra kit car costs and all of the adventure that will involve.

Although they weighed almost 500 pounds less than Chevrolet Corvettes, Shelby’s original AC Cobras were designed to be “Corvette-Beaters. You are not into the competitive racing, but you do have your eye on some local tracks where you can take advantage of this new purchase. There were only 538 1964 Mark II models ever built so the price of any of those remaining is prohibitive. You think, however, that you have found a great alternative to the most expensive originals, but something that is still many steps above the muscle cars you have owned in the past.

The Cobra kit car costs are significant, but now that you have reached a new stage in your life, you are excited about the options. Even though your daughters are worried that you and their mom will have nothing to do, the fact of the matter is you have plenty of plans to keep you busy!

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