A Classic Beauty With The Speed To Match Why The AC Cobra Kit Is A Car Enthusiast’s Dream

A Classic Beauty With The Speed To Match Why The AC Cobra Kit Is A Car Enthusiast’s Dream


What’s one of the first things a visitor might say when swinging by the United States?

Some bring up our plethora of unique accents. Others are curious about all of our fascinating cultures. If there’s one first impression that ties people together, it’s how much we love cars. From massive trucks to old-fashioned throwbacks to a time long past, America is all but defined by the love of the open highway. It’s a major foundation of the Cobra kit, a means of replicating classic times while still putting performance first. Should you be one of the many growing fascinated with classic cars and wondering which car kits to build, the Cobra is a fantastic place to start.

Capture a little slice of history and learn about America’s favorite custom roadster.

The type of car a person drives can say a lot about them. When you see someone traveling in a large truck you immediately assume they live an active lifestyle, perhaps going camping or fishing on a regular basis. A large SUV is almost a surefire sign the driver is part of a family with children or a lot of pets. A muscle car is practically a statement in of itself, showing off someone’s prestige and sense of style. When you invest in a Cobra kit you show the world how much the American classics mean to you.

Let’s learn a little more about the history of the Cobra kit and why it’s withstood the test of time. You can thank Carroll Shelby for introducing this car to the world. He built 654 small-block Cobras as well as 350 big-block versions in the 1960’s, showing off the Cobra’s ability to be both lightweight and incredibly sturdy. In fact, the Lightweight version of the Cobra debuted later at the 1990 Geneva Salon, stunning onlookers when its weight was brought down to 2,360 pounds compared to the standard 2,620 pounds. In spite of this change, its power was up to an impressive 370 hp.

Speed and weight is the hallmark of the Cobra replica. An AC Cobra Coupe famously reached over 185 miles per hour on a British motorway back in 1964, forever cementing it as a model that won’t be easily forgotten. While some racing cars can exceed 3,400 pounds, Cobras are always much lighter. Average races see short tracks, speedways and super speedways that range from less than a mile to just over two and a half miles long. The Cobra is constantly used time and time again for its light handling and easy turning, making it one of the more graceful car models you can spend your hard-earned money on.

Shelby’s original AC Cobras were designed as ‘Corvette-Beaters’, trying to take some of the spotlight from competitors. In spite of this tagline, they weighed nearly 500 pounds less than the Chevrolet Corvette. Back in the day manufacturers advertised the horsepower of the Shelby Mustang GT 500 at 335. This was a low estimate, however, to appease insurance companies at the time. The actual horsepower was much closer to 400. Today there are a mere 538 1964 Mark II models built, making them among the rarest classic cars.

Your Cobra kit is a way to reconnect with American history while still investing in a car that’s lightweight and incredibly powerful. Cobra kit car manufacturers have been seeing booming business as of late, with more and more people becoming car enthusiasts than ever before. Authentic replication begins from the inside, so take a little extra time to make sure your AC cobra kit car for sale is coming from a certified location. Whether it’s performance driving you’re after or a way to kickstart some conversation on the way to work, this is one journey you’ll be glad you took.

Americans are crazy about cars. Cobra kits remain one of the best ways to fall in love.

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