What is a Live Floor Trailer?

What is a Live Floor Trailer?


Everyone has seen a trailer on the highway, or have even had one come to their home to do some construction. Thousands of trailers and semi-truck cover the roads around any major city, bringing product and material to every corner of the globe. Live floor trailers are some of the most interesting kinds of trucks out there, with many different features than a traditional trailer. What makes live floor trailer leasing services different than regular leasing services? Well, this video helps us distinguish between the two.

A live floor trailer is a trailer that is equipped with a conveyor belt inside of it, allowing for material stored in the truck to be gradually spilled out. These trailers are often used for projects such as road repaving or construction of parking lots.

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When you need a ton of material for a project, especially on a busy road, it is inadequate to dump an entire pile and distribute it slowly. A live floor trailer allows for you to dispense as much materials you need, as well as at the perfect speed to keep the project finishing on time. By eliminating a lot of the man power behind fixing a road or parking lot, live floor trailers save construction crews loads of time and money every year.


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