Parking Information for Visting NYC

Parking Information for Visting NYC


Are you visiting NYC and wondering what the driving and parking situation is like? Watch this video to learn more.

The good news is that in the main parts of the city’s 5 boroughs you can find parking garages, parking lots, or street parking readily available. And in the suburbs, there are Park & Ride stations where you can leave your car and take the train into the city.

The best parking in New York City is to park across the river in NJ.

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Commuting to Manhattan will only take 15 to 20 minutes. You’ll save because you don’t have to pay the tolls to enter Manhattan and parking in NJ is cheaper. The cheapest parking in New York City is outside the city in the suburbs near train stations to NYC. This is a good option for discount parking if you’re driving and want to find long term overnight parking near NYC. ne of the best options for parking overnight or 24hr parking in NYC is the Port Imperial lot near the ferry landing. Parking Garage at Port Imperial near the NY WaterWay ferry to get to Manhattan. Parking according to is $16 per day for an indoor lot.

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