What Are The Top Trends in the Transportation Sector?

What Are The Top Trends in the Transportation Sector?


Trucking companies are cash-intensive ventures. Consequently, running a trucking organization requires an understanding of the companies’ associations with other industries. In the United States, there are about 400,000 commercial trucking organizations. In that case, approximately 2 million semi-trucks operate in the country. Given the popularity of the trucking department, it has become necessary to comprehend the different elements characterizing the sector.

1. Recent Trends in the U.S. Transportation Department

The transportation industry covers every aspect related to different modes of transport, including rail, road, and air transport. However, big trucks lead in the transportation segment in terms of technological advancement and investment from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers.

In the 2018 market analysis, MarketsandMarkets found that big trucks comprised the major trends in the transportation industry. As such, the 2018 trends included the increasing demand for electric trucks, truck platooning, and smart transportation solutions. Truck platooning involves connecting more than two trucks in a group using connectivity technologies. On the other hand, electric trucks as a consideration in the transportation industry focus on limiting emissions.

2. Coolest Truck Accessories That Will Transform Your Old Big Truck’s Appearance

Big truck drivers value their trucks because, in most instances, they serve as their homes away from home. As such, it is no surprise that they require their trucks to appear as good as possible. To achieve that, truck drivers need truck accessories to enhance the trucks’ conditions. Here are must-have truck accessories for each truck driver.

First, truck drivers require bed accessories such as the truck bed. Because cargo transportation can be tiresome, drivers need resting places within their big trucks. Truck beds alongside truck bed racks are ideal accessories for truck drivers. Other truck accessories include under-seat storage box fits, and cargo stabilizers. GMC trucks on their part require bullet antennas. As truck accessories, the storage boxes are essential for putting safely truck drivers’ belongings throughout their travel. Besides, they store emergency stuff including medical items.

3. What the Department of Transportation (DOT) Requires of Truck Drivers

Rules and regulations provided by the DOT should be followed by all drivers and truckers in the United States. Some regulations are enforced on a federal level, whereas others depend on the provision of different states. For instance, numerous states have legislation, which requires one or two big truck mirrors to be installed to reflect the road’s rearview for at least 200 feet behind the rig.

Additionally, all truck drivers should possess driver’s licenses and clean records for driving. Usually, drivers handling trucks that are over 26,000 pounds are required to obtain a Commercial driver’s license (CDL).

4. Selecting the Perfect Headlight for Your Big Trucks and Semi Trucks

Headlights are necessary big truck parts. As such, truck owners should be careful in their selection of headlights for their trucks. In this regard, Fleet Truck Parts provides the different new aftermarket and used headlights for heavy-duty trucks.

The listed headlights for trucks included Volvo headlights, Freightliner headlights, Dodge headlights, and Ford headlights. As essential BIG machine parts, headlights enhance visibility when driving, especially at night. While boosting visibility is the primary function for headlights, some drivers incorporate lighting truck accessories such as LED lighting. Usually, they are meaningful in braking lights, which alerts drivers behind you when you slow down. Additionally, emergency flashers are important in alerting other drivers when you get into emergency mechanical situations during your journey.

5. The Outlook of the Aftermarket for the Automotive Industry

In 2017, the market for automotive in the U.S. reported the value of $287 billion with a 3.6% growth rate until 2020. Moreover, other factors, including the introduction of gas and hybrid cars and trucks, increased the market share of the automotive industry significantly. Recently, there has been the introduction of Freightliner vehicles within the segment.

As such, ordering freightliner parts online designed specifically for your truck is important in keeping up with this aftermarket automotive strategy. As such, purchasing Freightliner parts is sensitive and subject to research for effectiveness. Usually, truck drivers are encouraged to ensure they acquire only Freightliner genuine truck parts that are designed, built, and engineered from high-quality materials. Upon the consideration of these factors, trucks will function effectively, thus spearheading the growth of the industry.

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