Got A Little Spare Time? Visit Stores That Sell Tires And Get Your Winter Preparation Out Of The Way

Got A Little Spare Time? Visit Stores That Sell Tires And Get Your Winter Preparation Out Of The Way


Preparing for winter is a slog. Not only do you have to keep your driveway clear, you also have to buy presents and change out your wardrobe. Where does it end?

With so much on your plate already, it can’t hurt to get your car in order. Stores that sell tires have plenty of blowout sales in the fall, aiming for that ambitious driver with safety on their mind. If you’ve been struggling to budget, consider swinging by your tire shop and asking about their used winter tires. These are a great resource for the money-strapped household and can alleviate several of your worries. You can even save more money with a smart insurance discount.

Sound too good to be true? Far from it. Stores that sell tires are ready to help you out, so let’s get started with this practical list.

Which Type Of Tire Fits My Vehicle Best?

Not all tires are suitable to your lifestyle. Choosing mud-terrain tires when you normally drive in the city is going to wear out your vehicle faster. All-terrain tires, likewise, won’t do much good if you’re always slipping and sliding on sand. The four main types of off-road tires are the all-terrain, mud-terrain, snow/winter, and sand. Tires that have a 33 inch measurement or larger are considered ideal for trail riding or rock climbing.

What Does A Tire Alignment Do?

Your tires work around-the-clock to make sure your car handles properly. When too much stress is put on one tire? It runs the risk of becoming flat earlier and affecting your safety. Having your tires aligned and balanced every 5,000 to 6,000 miles will help maximize their lifespan and performance. Ask your tire shops about their tire alignment checks so you can approach the winter season confidently.

When Should I Have My Tires Rotated?

Alongside a tire alignment and balance check, a tire rotation will further put you in your car’s good graces. Tire rotations are recommended every 3,000 to 6,000 miles. You can also get them done with every oil change if you don’t feel like doing the math. The two basic types of tire and wheel imbalance that need correction are the static and dynamic. Your tire shop will be able to spot small problems early so you can get to your vacation faster.

Are Used Tires Just As Good?

You might be hesitant to buy used tires due to a perceived lack of quality. Just like a used car, used tires are carefully tested and studied to make sure they’re fit for the road. This means checking their tread, comparing them with new tires, and fitting them for a test drive. Cheap tires are a godsend when you’re already on a tight budget for the holiday season. Ask your tire shop about a spare so you can always be covered on the open road.

Can I Save Money With Winter Tires?

Believe it or not, you can save money even as you spend it. Several insurance companies, such as Geico, offer discounts for getting your winter tires in on time — this incentive is especially important thanks to the increased risk for car crashes. A 2017 study found over 700 total motor vehicle traffic fatalities caused by lackluster tires. Flat tires, incompatible tires, you name it. All the more reason to get your tire alignment check finished in time for snowfall.

Get your winter preparations out of the way. Visit stores that sell tires and ask about a tire alignment check.

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