Vehicle Neglect Costs The United States $2 Billion Every Year What You Can Do About It

Vehicle Neglect Costs The United States $2 Billion Every Year What You Can Do About It


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Tires are one of the most stressed out areas in your car. They’re constantly attempting to keep you from slipping, work in tandem with your brakes to circumvent crashes and are essential to maintaining a proper speed and traction through whatever the weather throws at you. As such, it’s imperative you keep a proactive attitude and take good care of your tires — due to the constant wear and tear they’re susceptible to everything from under-inflation to tread loss to even popping if not checked.

What Is Vehicle Neglect?

This is one of the most important issues you should know about if you’re a car owner. Neglecting vehicles has been found to cost the economy a whopping $2 billion every single year, ranging from damages caused from crashes to medical bills resulting from injuries. The most incredible aspect about this fact is that it can be easily avoided when responsible car owners routinely take their car to the shop for retreading, inflation or just a simple check-up.

What Are Common Tire Issues?

Let’s continue with some of the most common issues facing the average tire. Tires are, by nature, one of the most worn out areas of the car due to their constant interaction with the environment. As a result they become under-inflated, worn out or misaligned seemingly overnight and can cause a wide variety of very dangerous problems if not reversed. Experts recommend you check your tire alignment once every 6,000 miles or whenever you get your oil changed, since a lot can happen in that amount of time right under your nose.

What Are Additional Tire Issues?

Do you notice yourself slipping and dragging even when you brake? You may be in need of some retreading. Your tire tread is necessary to grip the ground properly and provide you the traction you need to drive as smoothly as possible. When your tires’ tread has worn down to 6/32nds of an inch or lower it’s time to get them replaced, as slippery and overly smooth tires are a hazard to both you and other drivers on the road. Tire companies provide a wealth of different new and used tires to match your budget and your lifestyle.

What Are Other Tips I Should Know?

Everyone wants to save money. Did you know you can save cash even while spending it? Taking your car to the repair shop is necessary to keep it in working condition all days of the year, but certain providers will offer you a boon — you can save up to 5% off on your car insurance premium by switching to all four winter tires, with other providers even offering discounts on monthly rates if you drive safely on a regular basis.

How Should I Fix My Car?

Any delay in your braking or uncertain handling should be immediately inspected. A recent study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration discovered that tires under-inflated by just 25% increased the likelihood of a crash by three times compared to their properly inflated counterparts. Rotating your tires, aligning them or inflating them can be done in a short amount of time and will last for weeks or even months depending on how frequently you drive. Contact your tire company or visit your local repair shop for some retreading while the snow is still heavy to keep you and other drivers safe.

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