Vehicle Neglect Causes Injuries, Lost Wages, And Even Death!

Vehicle Neglect Causes Injuries, Lost Wages, And Even Death!


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Vehicle neglect is all too common in the U.S. In fact, a recent report found that, on the National Car Maintenance Index, Americans only scored a 76 out of 100. Vehicle neglect is defined as a person not performing preventative maintenance on their vehicle. To score a 100 on the National Car Maintenance Index, car owners would have to ensure that all recommended maintenance tasks are completed in a timely manner.

Typically it’s those more passionate about their vehicles that take better care of their vehicles. Whether their people who enjoy doing custom projects or overseeing their own vehicle repairs, these people usually see a longer vehicle lifespan than those who don’t care for their vehicles as well. Let’s face it, not everyone specializes in custom projects or is their own mechanic, that’s why there are people who specialize in vehicle mechanics.

Regular vehicle maintenance isn’t just a good idea, though, it’s also recommended for safety and financial reasons. For example, an estimated 100,000 injuries and more than 2,600 deaths happen each year due to vehicle neglect! On the financial end of things, vehicle neglect results in $500 million each year in insurance administration costs and more than $650 million each year in lost wages! On top of that, the estimated cost of vehicle property damage is close to $750 each year! Add up all the costs that result from vehicle neglect and you’re faced with a lot of money that can be saved if people took better care of their vehicles.

All people have to do is take their cars into mechanics and technicians whenever maintenance is required. Mechanics and technicians take good care of vehicles and do their best to provide the best parts available. Oftentimes, they end up opting to go with preferred suppliers, primarily because of parts available. They’ll often try and find the best quality of parts and will even shop around at auto parts retailers, warehouse distributors, auto parts specialists, jobbers, and dealerships in order to find the best part at the best price to fit the exact specifications of your vehicle. Whether it’s oem parts, factory jeep parts, dodge ram parts, or others, technicians and mechanics are usually going to have the best luck tracking down parts.

So really there’s no excuse not to perform regular maintenance on a vehicle. The consequences of vehicle neglect are too severe, especially when there are so many good and reputable mechanics and technicians out there that would do their best to provide professional service and thorough vehicle maintenance. So unless you’re someone who specializes in custom projects or have enough mechanic knowledge to service your own vehicle, it’s time to find yourself a mechanic.

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