Here are a Few Car Manufacturers That You Absolutely Need OEM Parts For

Here are a Few Car Manufacturers That You Absolutely Need OEM Parts For


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Whether you’re a die-hard gearhead or just looking for parts to fix the family car, it’s important to be able to distinguish between OEM and aftermarket parts. Blindly trusting your mechanic to equip your vehicle with the right parts is not recommended, and you should always be fully involved in your car’s repair process to know exactly what is inside of it.

An OEM part is one that was made by and comes from the original manufacturer of your vehicle. They have a multitude of advantages over their aftermarket counterparts, which were not specifically made for your vehicle and could carry a host of consequences. Many mechanics will install aftermarket parts because they’re cheaper and easier to come by, but as an informed car owner, you’ll know to seek OEM parts the next time you need a repair.

If you’re buying aftermarket parts or simply failing to maintain your vehicle properly, the damages you do could be irreversible. Over $2 billion is spent annually because of car owner’s who fail to maintain their vehicle properly, and vehicle neglect leads to 2,600 deaths a year.

This is why it’s so important to find genuine Dodge parts, Ram parts, Jeep parts, etc. Your vehicle will last longer and perform better if given the tools to do so. Here are three of the many car manufacturers whose vehicles run much better when OEM parts are installed:

    Dodge. Dodge is such a popular manufacturer that genuine Dodge parts can be hard to come by. The market is overrun with aftermarket parts that claim to be genuine Dodge parts, but really aren’t from the company itself. Find an online outlet that has genuine parts and get back to driving your Dodge in a safe and stylish manner.

    Ram. One of the most prestigious truck brands in the industry, Ram vehicles require parts with a brute force that is incomparable to other manufacturers. Trying to operate a Ram vehicle with aftermarket parts is like trying to ride a bike with tires made of Jello; it just doesn’t work.

    Jeep. Every real gearhead knows just how easy it is to customize a Jeep. There are tons of decisions to make, including accessories, top or no top, doors or no doors, and a host of other add-ons to choose from. Only Mopar Jeep parts can give you a true Jeep experience and maintain your valuable investment for years to come.

Find a trusted online outlet where you can peruse OEM parts and find the ones that are right for your vehicle. It is paramount to both the safety and effectiveness of your vehicle, and you’ll immediately reap the benefits of getting parts from your original manufacturer.

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