Used Dodge Cars and Trucks for Sale Locate Your Favorite Make and Model at a Dealership Near You

Used Dodge Cars and Trucks for Sale Locate Your Favorite Make and Model at a Dealership Near You


On a global basis, car sales exceeded 79 million during 2017. In the United States, there were 16,802 franchised dealers that sold 17.14 million new vehicles. By the close of 2018, more than 81 million cars were expected to be produced to meet this growing demand. While many consumers want to purchase new vehicles, others chose to purchase used ones.

Used Car Transactions

Every year, almost 40 million used cars are sold within the United States. Recent data also indicates that this number includes both private-party and dealership sales. It’s interesting to note that every three out of four automotive sales transactions are for used cars. A certain percentage of these are for the ever-popular Dodge cars and trucks.

The Continued Popularity of Light Trucks

Light trucks continue to be popular, and comprise about 18% of the total number of vehicles sold. As of 2017, pickups, SUVs, and vans outsold cars for five years in a row. Given these sales, light trucks comprised a 64.5% market share.

In 2017 alone, 1.1 million light truck sales exchanged hands. In addition to light trucks being used for work or to haul recreational equipment, they are also comfortable for long-distance trips. Both SUVs and light trucks are excellent vehicles to have on-hand for camping trips and other excursions.

Visit Your Local Dodge Dealership

Since you’re interested in looking at Dodge cars, stop by your local dealership today. In addition to Dodge cars, you may also want to take a Dodge pickup truck or SUV for a test drive. Whether you plan to purchase a new or used vehicle, there will be a variety from which to choose at your local Dodge dealership.

Once you visit your local dealership, a representative will be able to discuss each vehicle’s features. After you choose the right make and model for you, just imagine how great it will feel to drive it off the lot! You may discover that you want to purchase a Dodge car as well as a Dodge light truck for work or recreational purposes.

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