Underinflated Tires Can Appear Normal To The Naked Eye Useful Tire Maintenance Tips For All Drivers

Underinflated Tires Can Appear Normal To The Naked Eye Useful Tire Maintenance Tips For All Drivers


Good tires and bad tires all have a common thread that links them.

Upkeep is a major factor, even if you’re someone that only drives once or twice a week. Choosing a reputable tire shop to install them properly is another. If you’re noticing your tires seem to be wearing out faster than normal, now’s a good time to cement the basics. Carrying your vehicle over tough terrain and preventing your engine from becoming overtaxed, your tires have a very tall order to rise to. Anything less and you’re just flushing your hard-earned money down the toilet.

Tire expert or new driver, consider reading below. Your Carolina Tire West Palm Beach professionals have a few tips to keep you from losing hard-earned money on repairs.

Tire Rotation Should Be Done On A Frequent Basis

It helps to have a deeper understanding as to why you get certain check-ups done. Tire rotation, for starters, is how you make sure all your tires are treated equally. When you keep getting flat tires — or notice your car doesn’t turn quite right — it’s a sign you’ve got a visit to the tire shop coming up. A common rule-of-thumb you can follow is having your alignment checks done every year. Even a quick check-up can spot a small problem early and keep a potential accident at bay.

Underinflated Tires Are Tricky To Spot On Your Own

Just one underinflated tire can put you at the risk for a car crash. Sadly, these aren’t very easy problems to diagnose in the comfort of your garage. A tire can be up to 20% underinflated and not show any visible sign of difference…that is, until you’re facing a collision and calling your insurance agent. When in doubt, reach out to your wheel repair West Palm Beach professionals and ask for a lookover. You could be surprised at what you’ve been driving on this whole time!

Used Tires Still Provide Plenty Of Value

Just like a used car will still give you an enviable performance, so too will used tires provide you the durability you need. Commonly believed to be lesser than a brand new tire straight out of the factory, used tires can give you that blend between quality and price when you’re on a budget. Many used tires haven’t been worn all that long and are brought in because the car was sold. Custom wheels, winter tires, and spares can all be requested at your local tire shop. The latter, in fact, should be picked up sooner rather than later.

Make Sure Your Spare Tire Fits Right

Nothing cuts into your plan like a popped tire on the way to the campsite. While it’s good to have a good insurance carrier on hand for those accidents, a spare tire will back you up even further. Your tire shop can walk you through several tire brands and teach you how to fit a tire on properly, making sure you’re good to go no matter what life throws your way. Keep a few other pieces of equipment in your back trunk to make this a seamless transition. These include the jack and lug wrench, which can be provided by your manufacturer.

Visit Your Tire Shop Yearly To Stay Ahead Of The Pack

Thin, underinflated tires put you at a higher risk for crashes. They also overtax your engine and force you to get more expensive repairs. Carolina Tire West Palm Beach professionals will walk you through the tire process and make sure you’re never left wanting for more. They can spot a misaligned tire in a heartbeat and know which brands that will suit your budget. If you have any questions about installing a spare tire, make sure to ask them now so you’re not faced with a long night later.

Good tires, bad tires…it’s the upkeep that truly matters. Learn where to buy tires and custom wheels by talking to a pro.

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