4 Types of Diesel Fuel System Parts

4 Types of Diesel Fuel System Parts


Are you considering buying a diesel truck? Do you already own one and want to learn how to perform maintenance on it? Whatever your relationship is with diesel engines, it’s good to get to know the parts of the fuel system. Diesel fuel system parts are different from regular fuel system parts and require special care. Below are five pieces you will find in your diesel fuel system that you may need to replace or repair.

1. Fuel Filters

Filters are an important parts of a diesel system. Diesel systems need to be able to draw air and fuel with ease in order to receive the power needed to run. This means that your diesel truck might have more than one fuel filter and the filter needs to be able to filter out even the smallest particles. You should find out if your truck has one or two filters and what kind to use for the most effective filtering.

2. Fuel Cooler Lines

Hot fuel running through your fuel system can cause poor combustion. This is why you need fuel coolers. They help to cool fuel as it travels through the return lines and allows for a better fuel to air ratio as well as better fuel density. Strong combustion is key for diesel engines to function with the power you want from them.

3. Fuel Supply Pumps

Fuel supply pumps have an important job. The ability to supply fuel to your engine is one part of what makes your truck run. Having a sturdy and reliable supply pump that can handle the power of a diesel truck will benefit you greatly in the long run.

4. Exhaust Tips

The fuel system and exhaust systems work together to keep your diesel truck running at its best. This is why you should look into Duramax exhaust tips. Duramax exhaust tips are more of aesthetic purposes, but they do offer some important functionality. Stainless steel tips won’t corrode or fall apart easily and will be able to last you and your truck for a long time.

Maintaining your fuel system is a crucial part of caring for a diesel truck. A solid fuel system helps to give your truck the power it needs to run at its peak performance. Learning to maintaining this system on your own will not only help save you money over time, but it will make owning your truck a more fulfilling experience.

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