Things You Probably Did Not Know About Tires

Things You Probably Did Not Know About Tires


Tires are one of the most important parts of your vehicle. Whether you drive an old car, a newer car, truck, or van, the types of tires that you have on your vehicle will affect its total performance. The right repair shop will have tires for sale and offer the auto repair Midland vehicle owners trust.


Replacing your tires before they become a risk is vital to the safety of you, your passengers, and other motorists. Of course, tire replacement on a timely schedule also keeps you off the side of the road with a flat tire.


It is estimated that over $69 million in vehicle maintenance care is overlooked by vehicle owners including not replacing tires when they need to be replaced. Not getting the maintenance that you need for your vehicle means you can expect a hefty repair bill down the road from your local repair shop.


Interesting Tire Facts


Tires were not always black. In the early days of motor vehicles, zinc was added to the rubber to increase the strength of the tires and had a side effect of bleaching the rubber a bright white. For about the first two decades of automobiles, tires were white.


Carbon black, a byproduct of petroleum has been added to tires since about the late 1920s, which gives tires their black color. You will never guess who the largest tire manufacturer in the world is.


When you ask people who they think the largest tire manufacturer is, you hear “Michelin”, “Goodyear”, or one of the other large manufacturers, yet they are all wrong. The largest tire manufacturer is Lego. The toy company manufactures more tires for their toys than any other tire manufacturer.


Each year, over 250 million tires are discarded. Thanks to new recycling programs, tires are being recycled into asphalt, mulch, and new tires.


Originally, whitewall tires were double-sided. Car design of the time included open fenders so that you could see clear through from one side of the car to the other, making dual-sided whitewalls a more wanted aesthetic. As car design changed, whitewall tires became one-sided.


How Many Types of Tires Are There?


Another interesting fact about tires is how many types of tires there are. There are eight primary types of tires, with each primary category having about five to 10 different subcategories. All season, performance, all-terrain, mud terrain, winter tires, summer tires, track, and competition, are the eight main categories. Your local repair shop is a great source when it comes to choosing the right tires for your vehicle.


What Are Speed Rated Tires?


Speed rating is the speed that a tire can safely carry a load. The highest speed rating is Y with a limit of 189 miles per hour. Speed rated tires fall under the performance category.


When Should I Replace My Tires?


According to the experts you should replace your tires when the wear reaches 4/32. Stop in a trusted local repair shop to have your tires inspected for safety.

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