The Benefit of Buying Preowned Vehicles From Used Car Lots

The Benefit of Buying Preowned Vehicles From Used Car Lots


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If you watch television, you have certainly seen an endless barrage of car commercials from the biggest dealers. What they’re trying to sell you is an experience, one that is wrapped up in the bag of a brand new car. If you’ve seen those commercials then you know just how expensive a brand new car can be. While it might seem like a sound investment, what if you don’t have the money to afford such a car? Or, better yet, what if you’re looking for a used deal? If you’re in search of car dealers and making a purchase, it is well worth looking into used car lots.

If you’re looking to purchase a new vehicle an auto dealer, buying a used car can prove to be just as profitable. While more than 16 million Americans purchased new automobiles in 2014, data has shown that most cars on the road are now at an average of 11 years old, meaning that used and refurbished cars and trucks are all over the road. Furthermore, there are a wealth of used car dealers in Harrisonburg, VA, and its surrounding area to choose from.

Compared to buying a new car, purchasing a car or truck from a used car lot has many benefits. Here are some benefits between purchasing a new vehicle versus purchasing a used car or used truck:

Purchasing a New Vehicle

  • Feature some of the newest technology, from night vision headlights to forward-collision braking systems
  • The price of new technology adds up: in 2014 the average price of a new car, according to Edmunds Key Insights, came out to $32,386
  • Leasing a new car might require a down payment of nearly several thousand dollars (usually requiring about 10 to 20% down)
  • There are restrictions as to how many miles a year you can drive with a lease, sometimes ranging less than 15,000 miles a year
  • Now, let’s compare the statistics of a new vehicle to those of cars and trucks found at used car lots:

    Purchasing a Vehicle From Used Car Lots

  • The National Automobile Dealers Association expected the average price of a used car to drop from $16,025 to $15,000 over the last few years
  • Car dealers usually offer “certified” used-car programs, allowing consumers to purchase newer used cars (up to three years old) for cheaper than market price
  • 84% of consumers said they’d rather buy a car in person, which you can do at used car lots
  • You can visit used car lots and interact with salesman to learn more about the used cars and their history, which 43% of consumers are reported to prefer
  • If you’re looking for Harrisonburg car dealers or a Chevrolet dealer in the Harrisonburg area, you will similarly have no problem finding used car lots filled with used cars and trucks. In the end, you’ll have a lot of luck exploring the used car lots in Harrisonburg and its surrounding area, driving off in one of many quality preowned vehicles for an unbeatable price.

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