Four Reasons to Buy from a Non Commissioned Dealership

Four Reasons to Buy from a Non Commissioned Dealership


Non commissioned car sales

Many people dread the car buying experience. You head to your local auto dealer, only to be targeted by the salesmen on the floor. You know that they don?t really care about your needs as a driver, they just want to increase their monthly income. They are not likely to be honest with you about the vehicles on the lot and you just wish that you had a trusted car buying source. How about buying from a non commissioned car dealer? There are many benefits of non commissioned car sales and these are just a few of them.

Better car buying experience
We have all been there. You just want some honest feedback about the drive of a car, but you know that you can?t really trust the salesman. They will tell you anything to get the car off of the lot. However, if you are buying from a non commissioned car dealer, your representative is likely to be more helpful. They are going to give you an honest consultation about the cars on the lot. They are working instead to gain your trust, not to push a car off onto you. When buying from a non commissioned car dealer, you are likely to get information about both the advantages and disadvantages of the vehicle.

More time to consider your purchase
Buying a new car is a big purchase. In fact, it is often the second largest purchase you will make in your life, after a house. When you were shopping for houses, you probably gave yourself sufficient time to consider your options. Yet, many car buyers feel rushed. The salesman obviously wants a decision now and you feel obligated to buy now or lose the car. When buying from a noncommission car dealer, you feel like you have more time to consider your purchase.

Better deal on the car you want
Most car salesmen are unlikely to provide you with any car buying discounts, especially after you have already decided to purchase it. Commissions work on the total value of the sale, so if they give you a discount, they are essentially taking money out of their own pockets.

But, if you are buying from a non commissioned car dealer, your salesperson is likely to give you the best deal. Instead of trying to pad their pockets, they are trying to make you a satisfied customer so you will return again and again. Between dealership sales and private party transactions, nearly 40 million used cars exchange hands each year. A noncommissioned car dealer wants you to consider buying your next used car from them.

A better experience overall
When you really consider all of your car dealership experiences, whether it is a Ford dealership or Chrysler dealership, or any other dealership, poor experiences often come from feelings of being rushed, being pushed into a purchase, and poor customer service experience. Removing commission from the transaction can significantly improve the buying experience for everyone involved. The salesman no longer has to feel pushed to get a sale and the customer no longer has to feel obligated to make a purchase that they are not comfortable making. The average vehicle will have three owners in its lifetime. You are going to drive your vehicle for a long time. Make sure you choose something that is durable, affordable, and efficient.

Many car buyers associate dealerships with poor experiences. Salesmen can be extremely pushy and unfriendly. Additionally, many car buyers do not trust the consultation of their salesman. Buying a car from a dealership that does not run on commissions offers many advantages to both the salesman and the customer.

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