The Advantages of Custom Car Wrapping

The Advantages of Custom Car Wrapping


Car advertising wraps

There are plenty of reasons to buy a custom car wrap for your vehicle. Here are just a few:


Your car often says something about your personality and your interests, but it could say even more with custom vehicle wrap graphics. Maybe you’re bored of that old grey sedan. Car wrapping can turn it into something new, unique and exciting.

If you’re a hunter, for instance, you can purchase camo truck wraps for your vehicle. Camo truck wraps are a great way to set your vehicle apart, and on a practical level, camo truck wraps make your vehicle much more practical on a hunt.

Car wraps are also better than repainting since they can be removed without damaging the original paint and replaced with other wraps. Design your life with a custom car wrap.

Advertising Potential

You can also use custom car wraps to advertise your business. Car wraps have some of the lowest cost-per-impression rates of any other advertising technique, and some companies have reported business increases of up to 107% after incorporating car advertising.

Over 95% of Americans can be reached by advertising media that targets people in vehicles, and the average vehicle will pass nine million other vehicles when it’s driven about 15,000 miles a year. An impressive 47% of 18 to 34-year-olds surveyed found car wraps especially memorable for advertising.

Car wraps reach audiences of all ages, backgrounds and gender year round. What other ad strategy can do that?

Brand Recognition

If you run some sort of service where you require a fleet of vehicles, car wrapping can allow your fleet to double as advertising. Research shows that fleet vehicle advertising boosts a brand or company’s name recognition 15 times greater than all other forms of advertising. Best Buy’s Geek Squad became so ubiquitous that it received a fictional counterpart in the popular show Chuck. Car wraps make your fleet look more professional as well, which will make your clients feel better when they stop by their homes.

Look into a car wrap for your vehicle if any of these incentives appeal to you!
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