Slip into a Jeep Compass for Your Next Adventure

Slip into a Jeep Compass for Your Next Adventure


There is nothing like climbing behind the wheel of a Jeep unless you’re going to drive the new 2018 jeep compass portage wi. Per a Statista survey from 2018, 2.25% of drivers aged 18 – 29 stated that they own a Jeep. Do you already own a Jeep? Nothing satisfies the need to go off-road than the Jeep Compass. The redesign places the Compass in the compact class. Enjoy a unique combination of off-road prowess and utility when you purchase a jeep compass portage wi.

Are You Looking for an SUV?

Finding an SUV that fits your budget and your lifestyle can be difficult. The first step in finding your dream vehicle is by visiting a Jeep dealership Portage, WI. Purchase a Jeep Compass from a dealership that offers great prices, auto finance options for new car loans or used car loans and auto service. Test drive a jeep compass portage wi to learn why this vehicle has earned its off-road chops.

How Was the 2017 Jeep Compass Redesigned?

Are you wondering what is new with the Jeep Compass 2018? It has been fully redesigned for the model year 2017. New changes and additions have only made a great ride better. What makes a great ride great includes the cabin materials. The 2018 Jeep Compass indulges a luxurious cabin that is similar to its upscale relation the Jeep Grand Cherokee. If you prefer the look and feel of the Grand Cherokee, you are going to love the Compass. Come view the jeep compass portage wi at a Jeep dealership offering new and used vehicles.

Get a Jeep That Looks Like a Jeep

The 2017 Jeep Compass didn’t quite look like a Jeep. The 2018 design has transformed the exterior to make it iconically Jeep in design. It is recognizable instantly with the return of raised bumper and the 7-slot grille. An off-roading spirit is fully encompassed by a prominent and aggressive stance in regards to the cladding. When you want a Jeep that feel like a Jeep, check out the jeep compass portage wi dealership.

Did Someone Say They Want More Storage?

The message was heard loud and clear. The Jeep Compass was manufactured to be switched around to allow for large cargoes. With fold-down seats, you have the option to create a flat cargo floor. The front seat can also be folded down for longer cargoes. There is even a compartment that is hidden in the cargo floor for extra space. The jeep compass portage wi is available at dealerships that sell a wide range of SUVs and trucks. Check out all of the storage options available when you choose this Jeep.

The Compass Offers a Great Compact Size with Plenty of Legroom

There is nothing worse than trying to fold yourself into an SUV that does not have enough legroom. When you want leg space, the Jeep Compass gives drivers and passengers just that, plenty of room. Even the second row offers tall adults ample legroom and headroom too.

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