From Auto Jigglers To Clear Locks Learning The Art Of Lockpicking With The Best Tools

From Auto Jigglers To Clear Locks Learning The Art Of Lockpicking With The Best Tools


Locks today are marvels of engineering. They’re designed not just to keep intruders out, but to dissuade any roaming eyes entirely.

This makes lockpicking a very curious hobby to take up. Only the most dedicated enthusiasts will master the art of key extractors, auto jigglers, and blackjack batons. Alongside developing a new hobby, lock pick training kits are highly useful for those working in the professional security sector. There’s always a use for helping customers back into their car or breaking down a door in an emergency. What do these lock pick training kits entail?

Dive into the lock pick industry headfirst and learn about what goes into undoing the impossible.

Before we learn the difference between auto jigglers and key extractors, let’s enjoy a deeper appreciation for history. The locks of today are quite different than the locks of yesteryear. Historians have found evidence of locks all around the world, dating back many thousands of years to protect vaults, treasure stashes, and royal bedrooms. It’s thought the key was first pioneered during the 6th or 7th century. These handy devices, slowly but surely, would be improved over the centuries in line with technology.

Advances in metalsmithing and manufacturing would soon see the lock widely distributed throughout the masses. Not only did they need to be durable, they needed to be easy to transport pretty much anywhere. Popular locks today require more than just a key to open, relying on a set of passcodes that need to be submitted in order. The most recent lock invention is the digital version, potentially more difficult than brass and steel. Lockpicking is a common enough term that sees prominence in several different industries.

Watch any spy thriller or action film and chances are you’ll see lockpicking factoring into the plot. Quite a development since locks were first found in ancient Egypt! The past five years has seen the locksmith industry growing by nearly 2%, reaching an impressive revenue of $2 billion back in 2018. This has been paired alongside a 2% increase in the number of lock-oriented businesses. While the number of employees has been slower, there is still a demand for those that know their auto jigglers from their clear locks.

As established above, not all locks are designed the same. This is where the best lock pick training tools should come in — these are crafted to help you counter any lock you find, whether it’s a classic car lock or an electric version. Auto jigglers are a tool designed to manipulate a lock into opening, shifting the inner clockwork around until it opens. These come in several varieties, including the water lock and the cabinet lock. As always when it comes to developing a new skill, practice makes perfect.

For those that are seeking out a new security measure, auto jigglers can be paired with other useful devices. The broken key extractor is highly useful when a customer has attempted to resolve the problem on their own, with little success. Electric lock picks should also be paired alongside more classic lockpicks to keep you as flexible as possible. A practice lock can even be brought on-site to help you learn as you go. Locks are more varied than they’ve ever been and favor adaptability alongside stubbornness.

Stay stubborn. Stay adaptable. Seek out locksmith tools and supplies to improve your skill as you go.

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