Repair The Air Conditioning In Your Car Today!

Repair The Air Conditioning In Your Car Today!


There is nothing worse than not having a functional air conditioning system in your car. When your AC system breaks down you have a few different options. You can pay top dollar to a mechanic to fix it, you can live with it, or you can do a little DIY air conditioning repair. Most people do not really want to deal with the first two options but are not sure how to even start fixing their air conditioning.

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Watching this video will teach you how to diagnose an air conditioning problem, what tools to use, and even where to get the tools that you will need.

To check your air conditioning, open the hood and check the pressure using an AC gauge. If your gauge shows low pressure, you can find the leak by adding refrigerant and ultraviolet dye to the system. In the case of the faulty air conditioner in this video, the entire compressor needed to be changed. It is recommended that you get a completely new compressor if yours has run its course. Do not try to repair your compressor yourself, as it will often lead to more problems.

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