Looking for Tires for Your Custom Tractor Wheels? Consider These Important Factors!

Looking for Tires for Your Custom Tractor Wheels? Consider These Important Factors!


There are well over 3 million farmers actively working in the United States and most of them rely on a tractor to help keep the farm running smoothly. Standard tractor wheels are designed to work in most situations, but if you’ve gone to the trouble of upgrading your unit with custom tractor wheels, finding the right tire to go with that wheelset can be tough. With so many different tread patterns available, narrowing down the right model for your needs can quickly become overwhelming. Here are a few things you should consider when shopping for tires for your custom tractor wheels.

Look at the Field Conditions

Different tread patterns on tires work best in different types of fields. For example, if you work in fields that are often muddy, you’ll need a tire with plenty of tread to pull you through those mud patches. If you work in a field that’s predominantly dry, a less aggressive tread will work best. Keep in mind that heavier tread will leave deeper ruts in your field. If you’re growing plants that are sensitive to pressure or soil changes, it’s best to choose a lighter tire and if you’re planning on using the tractor for mowing, make sure to select a turf-rated tire. This will reduce damage to your grass and surrounding plants.

Consider When You Use the Tractor

Tractors are the workhorse of the modern farm and can be used for everything from leveling turf to removing snow. If you’re using the tractor during the winter or as an all-purpose winter farm rig to get you through heavy snow, you’ll need the right type of tractor tires. Choose a tread that’s designed to provide the most traction on ice. A good Ag tire will be your best bet. The thick lugs and large surface area of the tire provide excellent traction even on slippery ice and snow.

Think About the Surfaces Between Fields

Just because you work on turf the majority of the time doesn’t mean it’s the only surface your custom tractor wheels will encounter. Think about where you drive the tractor when it’s not in the field. Are you primarily taking it on paved or gravel roads or is the majority of your farm on turf and turf alone? Harder surfaces like gravel, packed dirt, and asphalt are hard on turf-rated tires. If you’re planning on using the tractor on roads or need to move between different types of fields, a good R-4 tire may be the best option. These tires are designed to withstand wear and tear from pavement and often have a wider base to distribute weight more evenly.

The right type of tire can make all the difference for your custom tractor wheels. Choosing the wrong one can lead to damage to your rims and leave your tractor parked when you need it most. Spare yourself the frustration and upgrade your tires with help from your trusted tractor tire supply today.

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