Keep Your Vehicle Clean with Regular Auto Flooring Maintenance

Keep Your Vehicle Clean with Regular Auto Flooring Maintenance


When is the last time you deep cleaned you vehicle? Whether you have children or not, chances are that over time your auto flooring will accumulate a collection of crumbs and other debris. Depending on what type of substances you’re tracking into your vehicle, you may end up having to replace the flooring over time. In fact, some experts recommend replacing your vehicle’s carpeting every 10 years or so. And why not? Chances are you probably spend a good deal of time and money on keeping your house up to date and maintained, why wouldn’t you do the same for you vehicle. After all, if you’re like many other American’s, you spend a good deal of time in your vehicle commuting to and from work. According to recent surveys, most Americans spend an average of 87 minutes each day in their vehicles.That’s a lot of time.By performing regular maintenance on it, including taking care of the carpeting, you’ll ensure your vehicle continues to run optimally year after year.

Not only is it wise to take care of your auto flooring for aesthetic purposes, but it turns out that bacteria likes to hang out on auto flooring, floor mats, trunk mats, and pretty much anywhere in your vehicle exposed to debris and germs. According to a recent study performed by the GAP Enviromicrobial Services, vehicles are often more dirty than homes and tend to have about 17,000 more bacteria than your home. Trunks in particular are dirty and often neglected. For most people, trunks are used for storage and for holding groceries. Over time, all this storage and groceries result foster an ideal environment for bacteria.

A great way to combat bacteria issues in your vehicle it to keep it maintained and cleaned on a consistent basis. Fortunately, if you’re busy and lack the time needed to scrub your auto mats and carpet and vinyl surfaces, there are professionals dedicated to performing auto cleaning services and detailing work to get your vehicle looking like new. Whether you have nylon car carpet, a vinyl trunk mat, or even a custom floor mat, there are ways to tackle bacteria so you can make your morning commute with the peace of mind in knowing you’re relaxing in a nice clean vehicle.

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