Is The Viscosity Of Your Lubricant Important? Manufacturing Companies Weigh In On The Matter

Is The Viscosity Of Your Lubricant Important? Manufacturing Companies Weigh In On The Matter


Quality or quantity?

This is a concern many businesses find themselves attempting to figure out as they crunch numbers and attempt to reach their monthly figures. Do they skimp out on quality and provide enough product to meet demand or should they focus more on quality and take the risk of higher investment? When you have metalworking fluids to add to your line-up and only so much time to do so, finding the right kind will do the rest of the work for you. That’s because quality is everything, even in today’s fast-paced world, and you’ll notice a difference from the very first moment all the way to the end of the month when it’s time to do your tally.

What could castrol oil wholesale do to boost your production?

The best way to stay up-to-date on quality is to brush up on how your market is doing. Whether it’s extra industrial supplies you need to keep up with a new influx of customers or a better lubricant oil distributor, a little more information never hurt. A 2016 report projected the metalworking fluids market will nearly reach $10 billion by the time 2020 rolls around. In other words? You’ve chosen a good time to reconsider the benefits of synthetic oils and what they have to offer your business.

Let’s keep exploring industry projections and the impact they’ll have on your business. A Future Market Insight’s report back in 2016 saw nearly two and a half million metric tonnes of metalworking fluid being sold across the globe. Another report conducted in 2017 saw an impressive $4 billion worth of metalworking fluids to be anticipated for lubricating transportation equipment worldwide. What does this mean for you and the synthetic lubricants you need to keep things running smoothly?

Metalworking fluids are an indispensable part of any manufacturing process. They keep machines running smoothly and increase the lifespan of your equipment, to boot. When you invest in castrol oil wholesale or wax lubricant you do more than just the basics. You make sure you’re maintaining a steady cycle of quality each and every day. The four main function of metalworking fluids today are lubrication, cooling, chip removal and corrosion control. Which ones are best for you depends on your industry and the machines in question.

Semi-synthetic lubricants, for example, contain less than 30% oil content in their concentrated form. Pure synthetics, on the other hand, contain no oil whatsoever. A recent survey found nearly 90% of lubrication professionals considering an oil’s viscosity when making a purchase. Viscosity is a term used to denote how thick, sticky and runny an oil is when used in application. When in doubt? Take your time figuring out the difference between lubricants to keep from making any costly errors down the road.

These errors can lead to a lot of wasted time and wasted money. Manufacturing companies were revealed in a recent study to have up to 70% of their unplanned equipment shutdowns in the last three years be caused by incorrect lubricant selection. Another international study found roughly 40% of manufacturing companies having the correct procedures to manage their lubricants effectively. Another 60% admitted they don’t conduct staff training on the importance of lubricants as often as they should.

From synthetic corrosion preventatives to castrol oil wholesale, a little quality goes a long way.

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