5 Moving Safety Tips for Pickup Truck Owners

5 Moving Safety Tips for Pickup Truck Owners


Throughout your life, you’re likely to find yourself moving more than once. During these times, it’s wise to drive a pickup truck for moving purposes. In fact, statistics show that nearly 18% of all vehicles sold throughout the United States are pickup trucks. For many, owning a pickup truck can help to make any upcoming move much more convenient. That being said, it’s important that you keep safety in mind before you begin loading up your truck. Considering that, here are five safety tips for using your pickup truck for a move.

  1. Know the Limits of Your Vehicle

    No matter how large a pickup truck is, this vehicle will have what is known as a payload capacity. This capacity is how much weight a pickup truck can safely carry. Failure to adhere to these limits could cause avoidable damage to your vehicle. You can typically find the payload capacity of your vehicle by checking the interior side of the driver’s door. If you want to take an additional safety measure, consider adding a small amount of air to your tires which will help compensate for the added weight.
  2. Load Heaviest Items First

    While moving items in a pickup truck, it’s important to place the heavier items in the back. This helps to provide added stability to the middle of the pickup truck itself. While you’re driving, it’s important to remember that slowing down moves transported items closer to the back of your truck. Therefore, placing light items in the back first will likely cause them to get smashed during a move.
  3. Invest in Quality Pickup Truck Tie Downs or Hooks

    Whether you prefer truck tie down straps or hooks, you’ll want to utilize these items to keep cargo held in place. Statistics gathered from AAA found that flying debris was the cause of over 200,000 crashes, according to data collected during a period of four years. It only takes one bump or pothole to potentially send unsecured items flying into traffic. Therefore, pickup truck bed tie downs are essential while using this vehicle for an upcoming move. These items are incredibly easy to work with and provide maximum security, giving you peace of mind.
  4. Take Apart Certain Items Before Moving Them

    If you’re trying to move while making as few trips as possible, consider breaking down larger items. After taking these items apart, it’s important to minimize the risk of debris flying out of your pickup bed. In fact, statistics gathered during a four year study by AAA found that nearly 66% of 200,000 crashes were caused by truck cargo that was improperly secured. You’ll find that truck tie down hooks work extremely well to keep items together that have previously been taken apart.
  5. Always Keep Valuables Close to You

    While moving, you’re going to have several items that are likely of great value to you. Unfortunately, these items could also be valuable to criminals. With that in mind, you’ll want to have an extra bag or suitcase to carry with you to store these valuable items. This is especially true if you’re going to be stopping for sleep overnight during those longer moves.

In closing, pickup trucks make great vehicles for upcoming moves. That being said, it’s important that you follow a few safety tips before this moves take place. If you don’t have pickup truck tie downs or hooks on hand, you’ll want to order them before moving. Improperly secured is a danger to yourself and other drivers. Considering that, ensure that you order pickup truck tie downs or hooks from a reputable supplier.

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