How to Professionally Remove Car Dents

How to Professionally Remove Car Dents


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A vehicle is essentially a lighter version of a tank, minus the cannon of course — the body of your car is supposed to protect the passengers from the elements and danger. Just because something is functional doesn’t mean it has to sacrifice all aesthetic value, that’s why we car owners try to take such good care of our vehicles. Collisions and mechanical damage aside, there is nothing worse than finding a dent in your vehicle. Thankfully, many dents can be prevented or removed by expert technicians.

Putting an End to Dings and Dents!

According to statistics, roughly half of all car dents are not the fault of the vehicle driver. At least a third of all car dents occur when the vehicle owner pulls too far into a spot and open their door on a high curb, nearby vehicle, or some other obstruction. Environmental factors such as hail or high-winds can also be responsible for dents in extreme cases. States like Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska belong to what is referred to as the “hail alley” which expects at least seven good-sized hail storms per year — it may be worthwhile for vehicle owners invest in a good quality car cover to prevent costly hail damage repairs.

Expert Car Dent Repair

There are many ways to remove a dent from a vehicle, but unless you have the proper equipment and experience you risk subjecting your vehicle to additional damages. Retailers sell specialized tools called dent rods that are effective at removing damages that range from the size of a dime to up to three inches in diameter. A professional car dent repair service can achieve a near perfect 80-99% repair on most small dents in just a matter of minutes. Paintless dent removal experts typically repair small dents for around $50 with larger dents costing upwards of $150. Keep your car looking factory new with professional car dent repair services.

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