How Regular Auto Maintenance Can Prevent Major Problems

How Regular Auto Maintenance Can Prevent Major Problems



Most people are not aware that as car owners, they face a simple choice: maintenance now, or repairs later. Regular, low cost maintenance can play a big role in avoiding the need for expensive repairs down the line. That’s because when you bring in your car for routine oil changes, the auto shop inspects all vital systems to make sure that everything is running properly. If they find a problem, they can warn you that extra work is needed, such as transmission repair.

Regular maintenance means fewer repairs
New technology had made it easier than ever to keep up with your car’s regular maintenance. The golden rule with oil changes used to be an oil change every 3,000 miles. Now auto shops can use oil life monitors to tell when the next oil change is due. By 2013, nearly half or 16 out of the top 34 automakers had installed automatic oil life monitors on their cars.
Some of the other routine checks are still necessary. Some of these are listed below and you can see how these common-sense measures can save you a lot of trouble by preventing major problems.

  • Tire alignment should be checked every 6,000 miles, or with every oil change.
  • All belts and hoses should be checked periodically. This can save a lot of trouble and expense later, by preventing potentially expensive breakdowns.
  • Tire rotations should be done every 7,500 miles. The recommended frequency may vary by manufacturer. It’s also a good time to check for tire wear and to replace your tires if the treads are worn out.

These simple car maintenance steps will not only keep you and your car safer on the roads, they will save you money by preventing the need for costly auto repairs. Further, by keeping your car running smoothly, you’re minimizing the emissions of harmful gases that hurt the environment.

Doing your bit for the environment
Another major reason to keep your car in good condition is that it’s better for the environment. New technologies are transforming auto repair and maintenance, and making your car much more ecofriendly. Even without investing in a hybrid, you can help the environment by maintaining your car so that emissions are kept to a minimum.
A smoothly running car with an efficient exhaust system reduces the impact on the environment. It also helps to ensure that your car will pass your state emissions inspections and state auto inspections. When necessary, exhaust and transmission repairs can imrpove your car’s safety and reduce emissions.

If any problems are discovered during routine maintenance, preventative repairs like brakes and transmission repairs can save you a lot of trouble later on. It’s much better to discover the problem while your car is in the shop, and the problem can be fixed on the spot. Regular maintenance makes your car safer and more ecofriendly.

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