How Comfortable Is Your Airline Seat?

How Comfortable Is Your Airline Seat?


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When you make your next airline reservation you will likely be concerned about two major points. The price of your ticket and the location of your seat assignment. While many travelers spend hours researching prices and seating options for their next upcoming flight, few if any of these passengers are actually concerned about the fabric that covers the seat they will purchase. Whether you are booking a short flight from Shreveport, Louisiana, to Dallas, Texas, or you are booking a long international flight from Omaha, Nebraska, to Sydney, Australia, ticket price and seat location are likely your only concerns. The fabric covering those seats, however, is the concern of an entire textile industry.
Dymetrol fabric is a current choice by many seating engineers throughout the airline industry. A smooth sateen fabric that is made from woven polyester yarn, dymetrol fabric provides comfort and durability, while also providing the added benefit of being a lightweight fabric that saves space. The tight weave of this fabric allows for the quick clean-up of spills in the seats of the 8 million people who fly every day.
Commercial fabric manufacturers are constantly working to develop fabrics that meet the needs of a variety of industries including:

  • automobile
  • airline
  • boating
  • movie theater
  • office and school furniture
  • train

While many commercial industrial textile solutions require the use of a leather like surface, these fabrics can be heavy and more likely to rip or tear. An engineered polyester material like dymetrol fabric can be more durable than a leather type surface, as well as provide savings in both weight and space measurements. Car seat fabric, for example, can be selected according to an individual’s taste for texture and color, but airline seat fabric must meet a broader range of requirements.
Covering the standard 17 to 19 inch seat width between armrests, an airline fabric choice can either efficiently save weight and space, or add to these totals that are the concern of every aerospace engineering review. While also expected to be both durable and easy to clean, a spunbond non woven fabric can create a seating suspension system that serves many purposes. While ultimately offering passengers comfort, these fabrics can also hold their sheen and texture through thousands of flights.
Nearly 30% of Americans who responded to a recent survey administered by TripAdvisor basically all said the same thing. These 30% agreed that comfortable seating is the biggest improvement any airline could possibly make. While this comfort is often described by the passengers as seat location and cabin size, the engineers concerned about the interior of the planes are looking for easy to clean, lightweight, and durable fabrics.

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