Great Tips for Maintaining Motorbikes

Great Tips for Maintaining Motorbikes


Motorcycles maintenance ensures that it lasts longer and gives you years of services. Consumers purchased 427,000 motorcycles in 2017. The reason why motorcycle demand is on the rise is simple. They are cheaper to operate, and you can easily avoid traffic congestion. You should, however, give proper maintenance to enjoy seamless biking throughout the year.

Fuel-injected bikes have more complicated systems which mean you should give them good care from the purchase day to the end of its life. Below are essential parts that you should pay close attention to keep your motorbike’s engine last longer and perform efficiently.

Air Filters

Air filters are among the most important components in Motorcycle. It allows air to flow to the engine, hence enabling combustion which powers your bike. A clean air filter determines the amount of air that gets into the engine and general performance of your motorbike. You should clean your motorbike’ air filter every year. If your filter is faulty, you should have it replaced.

Engine Oil

Engine oil lubricates moving parts, hence preventing friction which cause wear and tear. In turn, it prevents damages in the engine. The engine oil absorbs moisture and gets dirty over time. These make it less effective in keeping your motorcycle parts running smoothly. For proper operation, you should drain the oil once every year. Ensure the oil level is between maximum and minimum dipstick by checking the oil visually.


As you are well aware, the tires of a bike are the only part in contact with the ground. You should check the tires tread carefully before riding. In addition, ensure tires have enough pressure. Worn out tires will cause riding problems or even worse, crashing.


Regularly check the cooling system to ensure there are no leaks. You should drain your antifreeze at least once every year. Simply drain the coolant, flush and refill it.

Fuel Filters

Similar to the motorcycle, your Jet Ski fuel filter should be in good state always. Essentially, fuel filter prevents particles from entering the engine. You should keep filters clean to prevent clogging. A clogged fuel filter prevents smooth operation of your bike. It also hinders peak performance. If your Jet Ski fuel filters are clogged, you will notice abnormal vibrations and bumpy ride. Unless the fuel filters are in excellent condition, you should replace them after every service or as instructed by the manufacturer.

Also, dirty filters prevent enough fuel from reaching the engine. Note that there is a proper way of cleaning fuel filters. Practically, you should remove the fuel filter carefully without damaging it or other components. Next, clean the filter thoroughly. Finally replace it. It is important to note that some filters cannot be replaced. For instance paper or nylon filters should only be replaced with brand new filters.

Fuel Pump

The fuel pump is one of the major parts of a motorcycle. To increase its life and ensure it operates effectively, ensure the fuel pump has a sufficient amount of fuel all the time. Having enough fuel also enhances performance and reliability. Keeping less fuel increases the risk of pump damage.

How to Keep Your Fuel Pump in a Great Shape

Checking your fuel pumps and fuel engine ensure that the vehicle’s engine performs optimally. This is also the cases with Jet Ski fuel filters, motorcycle fuel pump, snowmobile fuel filter and pump, and other filters and pumps. Whether it is a Honda motorcycle fuel pump or Yamaha snowmobile fuel filter, below are essential considerations to keep the fuel pump operating optimally.

Keep Your Pump Cool

A fuel pump is basically an electrical motor. Ensure that your pump and filter do not overheat. Whether it is jet ski fuel filters and pumps, snowmobile fuel pump, they should be as cool as much as possible. You can achieve this by ensuring the tank is at least half full. This keeps the pump dunking in fluid and cool always.

Use Top of the Line Fuel

A pump needs to be immersed in high-quality fuel to perform optimally. You should avoid skimping on the fuel type to keep your fuel pump in good shape. The fuel should not be low quality or watered down. This is need for both motorcycle system and jet ski fuel filters.

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