Essential Wheel Fitment and Tire Size Considerations

Essential Wheel Fitment and Tire Size Considerations


Cosmis wheels are racing wheels designed with drifters in mind offering superior performance low-pressure cast wheels that can withstand high-drift maneuvers. These tires are also made with strong attention to details that ensure safe drive under different road conditions.

Cosmis wheels have more customized options to suit your specific tire needs. Installing custom wheels on your car can significantly improve your driving experience and performance. However, choosing wheels has literally become more like finding a needle in the haystack in today’s automobile industry. The process is a lot more detailed considering how technologically advanced cars are and the wide selection of tire types available on the market.

Wheel Fitment and Tire Size Considerations

If you are working on a tight budget and wouldn’t mind cutting cost buying custom tires or rims, consider aftermarket parts for cars that offer a pool of auto replacement parts at a budget-friendly cost. They still look and perform as the original manufacturer’s parts.

Before you buy, it’s important to have some basic knowledge around wheel fitment and how to determine the right tire size to fit a rim. Without proper wheel fitment, you could end up with a faulty setup which comprises the safety element of your vehicle and causes problems such as vehicle vibration and clearance. Also, you’ll most likely experience a rough and bumpy ride due to defective suspension or misaligned as a result of a bad wheel setup.

When it comes to choosing the right wheel size, keep in mind every car has a set of wheels sizes in different diameters that fits properly. So depending on your wheel fitment, you can always find custom wheel sizes that meet your wheel fitment profile. But how do you determine your wheel diameter and rim width?

  • Wheel diameter refers to how wide the wheel is from its bead seat edges across the center.
  • Tire width measures the distance between bead seat to beat seat from the front.

Specific tire profiles for your vehicle are usually displayed on the tyre information panel found in a car door sill. With custom wheels, you can up-size or down-size your wheels according to what you want, however, increasing wheel size by even an inch can negatively impact on your car’s ability to accelerate.

Wheel Size: How It Conditions Your Driving Experience and Car Performance

Understanding these basic wheel fitments allows you to make an informed decision on the right wheel package sizing for your car. And since wheel size directly impacts on its acceleration, consider your driving style and objectives.

  • Appearance: If you’re only looking to improve the look on your vehicle but maintain its performance, replace your wheels with the same wheel size but with more aesthetic appeal.
  • Improved Acceleration: For auto performance parts that improve your car acceleration, cornering, and braking, consider wheels with larger diameters for better responsiveness Additionally, larger wheels are also known to improve a car’s stability allowing you to experience more feedback during acceleration. However, the increase in wheel diameter reduces the tire’s life, meaning that car rides may often feel bumpy and rough.
  • Sporty and Smooth Ride:
    For sports cars and customized racing SUVs, smaller wheels with the low-pressure cast and higher aspect ratios like Cosmis wheels are normally used. The small wheels offer much smoother rides since it manages impacts such as potholes and speeds bumps while allowing minimum road feedback. Cosmis wheels are an excellent option when it comes to racing cars as they offer superior wheel performance.

The last but most important thing you’ll have to do after picking out your options is to test the wheels. Ensure the tire meet meets your driving style and preferences. Here, you need to consider

  • Vehicle clearance
  • Correct speedometer and odometer readings
  • Improved stability and road feedback
  • Optimum tire speed and weight capacities

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