Family Cars Visit Your Local Dealership to Learn More

Family Cars Visit Your Local Dealership to Learn More


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Have you been looking at new family cars? While there are advantages to buying new as well as used cars, you may be open to either. A recent survey showed that 48% of prospective car buyers spend about 1 to 3 months looking at cars before they make a final decision. It’s not unusual for buyers to discover what make or model they want once they’re at a dealership. This was the case for 52% of recent car sales.

Were you aware that the United States’ automobile industry employs over 1.5 million Americans? This makes this industry one of the largest in the country. In addition to designing, engineering, manufacturing and supplying parts and components, these individuals are directly involved with assembling, selling, and servicing new vehicles.

Chances are that you’re also interested in car production and sales. In 2014, for example, there were approximately 4.25 million cars produced, and roughly 7.7 million passenger cars were sold to customers in the United States. While there were 12.32 million American households that owned a Jeep in the spring of 2008, in 2014, Jeep sold 1.02 million vehicles throughout the world.

In addition to new vehicles, a considerable amount of used cars were also sold in recent years. During 2015’s first quarter, for example, Edmunds reported that there were 9.81million used cars and other motor vehicles sold.

Have you given thought to the make and model of the car you want to purchase? Popular brands include Chrysler, Dodge, Ram, Jeep, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, and Maserati. These are also available through Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, which conducts business with 16 different brands.

When you live in an area that experiences the seasons, chances are that you’re looking for something with all-weather capability, such as a Jeep. Since there are different types of Jeeps, when you visit a local Jeep dealership, you can find out more information.

Are you planning to buy a second or third car for your children? Even though you may decide to help them buy their first car, you still want to teach them about budgeting their money. When they’re still living at home, they may not be aware of what everything costs. This is why it’s important to remind them that their monthly car payment shouldn’t be over 20% of their take-home pay.

When your children know this and other important financial tips, it can come in handy when they’re away at college as well as once they’re on their own. Just imagine how proud you’ll be when they buy their very first car on their own.

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