Customize Your Truck Bed Bedlining and Coloring

Customize Your Truck Bed Bedlining and Coloring


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There is a certain magic about owning a truck. It’s a club that not anyone can be a part of. Simply just buying a truck won’t give you that feeling. You have to know how to drive the truck, how to utilize the truck’s abilities, and how to just be a truck person.

Truck customization has got to be one of the greatest aspects about the truck industry. You can use vinyl wrap cutting tape to cut through your truck bedliner and customize any bedliner shape you want. Wrap cutting through spray on bedliners enables you to customize the truck bed any way you want.

In 2014, there were more than 252.6 million trucks registered in the United States. Standing out from the crowd is an added benefit of truck customization. If you want to completely remove a certain part of your bedliner, you can use vinyl wrap cutting to cut all the way through the lining of your truck and customize it any way you wish. People and truck drivers alike will enjoy the amount of work and effort you put into the customization of your vehicle.

Custom paint jobs are another great way to tailor your truck to your personality. A helpful hint regarding spray on pain for your vehicle is after you have applied the first coat of paint, wait until the coat has completely set before you continue. Painting over wet pain on your vehicle could give it a sloppy look. Waiting about six hours after the original coat has been sprayed on is usually how long it should take before the second coating of paint. There are two different types of basic spray on bedliner paint: oxygen-catalyzed and chemically catalyzed.

Before you do any customization to your truck bed, whether it’s cutting through the bedliner, relining, or just painting, make sure to sand your bedliner down completely. Sand right over any corrosion areas or deep rust on your truck bed with 150-grit sandpaper.

Your truck should reflect your personalty. Truck customization is a lot more than just just raising it up nine inches or putting the scariest looking tires on. Customize your truck however you want and enjoy the ride!

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