Automotive Electrical System Basics

Automotive Electrical System Basics


This video talks about vehicle electrical systems and car electronics. It states that the major components of a vehicle’s electrical system consist of the battery, alternator, and starter. These items work together to ensure that a person’s vehicle gets up and running whenever that person needs to accomplish something.

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The cables and connectors work as a bridge to connect all of those components.

The battery is the heart of the system. It is the beginning and the end. Many batteries are in a convenient location directly under the hood. Unfortunately, others are not so easy to find, and they are hiding behind back seats, underneath fenders, and so forth. It has two electrical cables, positive and negative, and the energy flows to the vehicle from there.

The alternator is also an important component because it keeps the battery charged at all times. A faulty alternator can cause the car not to start because it can fail to charge it. It can also drain the battery if it has a different problem.

The starter is just that. It starts the car. Thus, a faulty starter can leave a driver stranded in the middle of nowhere. All these components need to be in top working order for the vehicle to operate at an optimum level.

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