Advice for Starting Your Own Car Repair Shop

Advice for Starting Your Own Car Repair Shop


Have you considered opening your own car repair shop in the past few months? With Covid still hitting us all, it’s a good time for you to be at home and learn a new trade. If you are already well versed in how to perform automotive repairs, then all you have to learn is how to run a business. Of course, that is a task that’s easier said than done. In this video, the speakers break down a few tips they have for starting your own car repair shop.

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Our main piece of advice is to take this video with a grain of salt. Many users in the comments agree that the video itself is a bit discouraging for anyone looking to open a shop. So while these tips should be taken as serious business advice, remember there is no certainty as to what they are saying! It all comes down to the area you are starting your shop in, what connections you have out there, and perhaps a pinch of luck!

For more information on opening your own car repair shop, keep watching the video above, and check out their channel for more great tips! Good luck out there!

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