Are You Looking for a Used Subaru?

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    Shopping for a used car can be both fun and challenging. Trying to get the best price for the best deal is a process that involves research and commitment. Some buyers make the process simpler because they have driven the same make of car their entire life. For these loyal buyers, the choice simply comes down to deciding on a model, a color and a price. Many loyal car buyers limit their search to the local Subaru inventory, and, as a result, make their car search an easier task.
    Subaru is an automobile manufacturing division of the Japanese transportation company Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI). In the year 2011 they were the 26th biggest automaker by production worldwide. Although FHI started out as The Aircraft Research Laboratory in 1915, they have been making cars since 1954. The first Subaru car was n Continue Reading

    Three Pros Of Buying Cars At Local Dealerships

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    Whether you are looking to check out a used Subaru for sale, or buy a new Chevy, there are several advantages to car shopping at local Subaru dealers or local Chevy car dealerships. Instead of buying your next car online, here are the top three advantages for heading to your local Chevy car dealerships next time you are in the market for buying a Chevy.

    #1. Ability To Inspect And Test Drive

    Even though Chevrolet vehicles can be found in 2/3 of the world, there are some advantages to buying one locally. One of the most important advantages is the opp Continue Reading

    Five Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Chevrolet

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    Beginning in 1912, the auto brand Chevrolet has manufactured over 200 million trucks and cars. Chevrolet vehicles, endearingly called “chevies” have become truly iconic American cars and trucks. While two thirds of the globe has Chevrolet vehicles on the road, customers can find them anywhere from used car dealerships in Rochester NY to emerging markets in Brazil and China. Here are some interesting facts about Chevrolets.

    #1. Shift to Emerging Markets

    While Chevrolet is certainly one of the top vehicles sold in the United States and can be found in used car dealerships in Rochester NY, in recent years chevies have become increasingly popular in emerging markets. In fact, in 2010 eight out of the ten top selling countries for Chevrolet vehicles were emerging m Continue Reading

    If You’re Wondering Where the Iconic Chevy Logo Came From, Read This to Find Out

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    Have you ever wondered what the Chevy logo means or how it was designed? Is there a meaningful history behind the Chevy bowtie or was it a random choice? The original inspiration for this design is a mystery, even to the experts, but there are lots of opinions on where it might have originated. You probably see that fancy sign every day when you drive buy your new Chevy dealers shop, and here we give you an insider scoop on its origins. This article tells you about various opinions on who though of the Chevy logo, how it was constructed, and who made the final say in deciding to use it as the company’s brand.

    • Was the Chevy logo inspired by a hotel’s wallpaper in France?
      The co-founder of Chevrolet automotive — William C. Durant — swears that he was in a Pe Continue Reading