DIY Plumbing is Possible With a Bit of Self Teaching

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    Doing a DIY plumbing project can be a significant undertaking, but when you figure out what you’re doing and what you need to do it, it’s really not that challenging. The key is to be totally informed as well as prepared to call a plumber just in case something goes extremely wrong.

    When you’re fixing your own plumbing you will probably come across a circumstance where you need a hose clamp. It’s hard to imagine why you wouldn’t. Hose clamps are frequently used in cars and in the plumbing system of homes. The job of a hose clamp is to make sure that the pressure is even on all sides of a hose without there being any gaps. They’re totally capable of handling up to moderate pressure, but not much above that.

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    The 101 About Hose Clamps For The Do-It-Yourself Person

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    Whether you’re someone who prefers to call a professional or do-it-yourself, there are ready supplies for every persuasion. Plumbing, for example, is a field that everybody can appreciate, from keeping your sink in fighting shape to unclogging drains around the house to getting your toilet in working order. Large diameter hose clamps are a versatile tool for any do-it-yourself project that require only a little measuring to fit accurately. Keep reading to learn more about hose clamps, how they’re used and do-it-yourself ideas for the future.

    What Is A Hose Clamp?

    A hose clamp (also known as a hose clip) is a device used to attach and seal a hose onto a fitting. This could be, amongst other things, a barb or a nipple. Hose clamps were originally invented in the 1900’s by a former Royal Navy Continue Reading

    Plumb and Dumber What You Need to Know about At-Home Plumbing

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    You shouldn’t feel powerless to your pipes. Once you understand how your toilet and pipes function, you have so much more power over your home, your life and that impending plumbing problem that is bound to pop up just before you have company over. Here is what you need to know about plumbing to keep your drain unclogged, your toilet flushable and your water flowing freely.

    Pressure Problems
    If you’re unhappy with what your shower head is producing, you should know that you have a choice. A hose clamp is know for moderating pressure. Continue Reading