Choosing the Best RV For Your Travel Needs

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    You have decided to finally go ahead with purchasing a recreational vehicle. You have spent thousands of dollars on hotel lodging and you enjoy traveling. You have some time off of work coming up, and you plan to travel across multiple state lines. Purchasing an RV can be very beneficial for travelling. It can save on the costs of lodging, provide comfortable travel, and allow you to travel with your entire family. You are also not restricted to any time schedule when travelling in an RV. It is important to put a lot of thought and research into purchasing the best RV for your specific needs. It is, after all, a big purchase.

    Evaluate your travel needs. Do you intend to travel across the entire country? Will your RV simply be used to take quick up north trips for the weekend? The use of Continue Reading

    Are You Planning a Few More Fall RV Vacations for Your Family?

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    Finally fall.
    The last few days have been unusually hot, but finally fall has arrived. It is a couple of days after the official first day of the season, but the temperatures this morning finally make it feel like the fall weather is here to stick around for awhile. With the cooler temperatures the leaves will soon change colors. And the fall color is the perfect time for a few more weekend trips with the RV and the family.
    The longer the camping season extends, however, the more important the safety features on a recreational vehicle are. Fall trips mean that the sun is rising later and setting earlier. More hours of darkness increase the need to be extra careful when you are traveling with your family and pulling a large vehicle.
    What Safety Features Have You Added Continue Reading