Four Beneficial Reasons to Purchase a Replica Car

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    The AC Cobra is one of the most famous automobiles of all time. Shelby’s AC Cobras were originally created to beat out the Chevrolet Corvette which was heavier by 500 pounds. One of the most popular replica car kits available is made to fully replicate the legendary Cobra. A replica car kit has many benefits, especially when compared to trying to find the real deal. The legendary muscle car known as the Cobra has been favored among vehicle enthusiasts for decades. In this post, you will learn the benefits of purchasing a replica Cobra car kit.

    1. Putting Together a Vehicle of Your Own

      Many people who purchase a vehicle are only concerned with driving it. A replica car kit a Continue Reading

    New Museum to Honor Carroll Shelby to Open This Year


    If you love cars, you know about Carroll Shelby. The legendary race driver and developer of the Shelby Cobra remains a hero to many road and track enthusiasts. Decades after his muscle cars were taken off of the market, the Shelby Cobra kit cars are still popular among racing aficionados.

    Now a museum is being opened to celebrate the life of the famed driver. As reported by the Robb Report, the Carroll Shelby Automotive Museum and Snake Pit Lounge are scheduled to open later this spring. These will be located in Gardena, California. The site is the current site for the Carroll Shelby Internationalandrsquo;s current engine factory and administrative facilities.

    The complex is expected to take up a full Continue Reading

    Race Cars from the Beginning til Today

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    The Early Years
    The very first race was between two self powered carriages on August 30, 1867. There was a law against racing in those days and this history making eight mile race was completely in violation. It was not made legal until 1875 when a 200 mile course was set up. However, only the Oshkosh and the Green Bay made it to the finish line.

    The first major transformation from just racing high quality, expensive but regular street cars into actual racers was in the 1930s when streamlined vehicles with supercharges were constructed. The focus was to lighten the weight of the cars as well as upping engine power.

    Most Successful Racer
    Ryan Dalziel is thought to have had the most success during his racing career. Although he was born in Britain, his car Continue Reading

    Why Millions Tune Into Road and Track Racing

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    The thrill and excitement of road and track racing drives auto enthusiasts from all around the world. The drivers are some of the most well–paid athletes in all of the world and road and track racing boasts one of the most dedicated fan bases in the world. Millions gather around to see classic and cutting–edge vehicles alike gather on the race track. Here’s why the auto market is climbing year by year as old vehicles are restored to their former glory.

    The Thrill of Each Track
    Whether the races take you around the country or around the world, each course can range from a half mile to over 2.5 miles long. Depending on the terrain, different performance driving upgrade parts may be needed to ta Continue Reading