Why Millions Tune Into Road and Track Racing

Why Millions Tune Into Road and Track Racing


Cobra car kit

The thrill and excitement of road and track racing drives auto enthusiasts from all around the world. The drivers are some of the most well–paid athletes in all of the world and road and track racing boasts one of the most dedicated fan bases in the world. Millions gather around to see classic and cutting–edge vehicles alike gather on the race track. Here’s why the auto market is climbing year by year as old vehicles are restored to their former glory.

The Thrill of Each Track
Whether the races take you around the country or around the world, each course can range from a half mile to over 2.5 miles long. Depending on the terrain, different performance driving upgrade parts may be needed to tackle each individual road and track. A professional custom roadster can easily go for double its stock market price given all of the extra love put into it. Many hobbyists have taken to authentic replication, bringing classic gems like the Shelby Cobra back to life. Thanks to many reality television shows, car lovers can dream of fixing up classic cars of their own without having to spend a single dime.

Cobra Strike
When Shelby released the Cobra Mark I in 1962, it was fitted with a specialized 260 cubic inch Ford Windsor engine. The Cobra was originally marketed as a “Corvette-Beater,” despite the fact that they were nearly 500 pounds lighter than a Corvette. The lightweight Cobra surprised everyone when an AC Cobra Coupe reached 186 miles per hour on a British highway in 1964. As Shelby released the Mark II in 1964, they limited their production number to 538, making the little cars more scarce and valuable as time went on. Such vehicles today are considered collector’s items and can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars if in the right condition.

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