Coach Charter Buses Improve the Economy

    Holland bus

    Coach charter buses have improved tremendously since the horse drawn bus of the 1820s and the steam powered bus introduced in England in the 1830s. Today, charter buses are gasoline powered and are six times more efficient than transit buses at reducing CO2 output and three times more efficient than commuter rail trains.
    Charter bus trips
    account for 751 million trips taken each year and have a rating of over 200 passenger miles per gallon of fuel (MPG). This can be compared to the MPG of passenger cars, commuter railroad, and domestic air carriers that each has a lower rating. Most cars that people drive, by themselves, have an MPG between 25 and 30. Commuter rail gets a little Continue Reading

    Helping the Environment, One Bus at a Time

    Charter bus experience

    Now more than ever, bus companies are making a huge effort to limit their carbon footprints out on the road, making traveling via bus one of the smarter and more environmentally-conscious ways to travel. But how are they doing this?

    • Coach buses are almost like big carpool cars — they carry big groups of people so that each individual person isn’t driving a separate car. This can make a huge difference when lots of people are traveling long distances. Not only do the passengers save gas, but they also save money.
    • Some people think of planes as a more environmentally-conscious way to travel, since they are able to carry a large amount of passengers at once. But planes are actually one of the worst culprits of carbon dioxide emissions, and the worst part is that the gases are emitted Continue Reading