Why You Should Consider Leasing a Car

Why You Should Consider Leasing a Car


Lease deals are one of the best options out there for people who need a car. Rather than agree to spend years and years paying for a vehicle that’s likely to have at least one serious breakdown before the payments are finished, you can upgrade your car every two to three years to trou out something new. When you lease, you have the option of driving all the most popular and trendy vehicles. And if you just fall in love with something on four wheels, you can always change the terms of your lease agreement and start working toward actually buying the vehicle.

Start Leasing Your Car Instead

Through lease deals, you have the option of driving a new car every two or three years at a price that’s more affordable than purchasing a brand-new car. The average transaction price for a new Chevrolet vehicle in December 2017, for example, was $34,000. The top three selling price Chevy cars in December 2017 were the Chevrolet Silverado, the Chevrolet Equinox, and the Chevrolet Malibu. With a lease deal, you can drive all three of these different vehicles and have access to the trendy, popular cars without buying all three of them outright.

Lease deals are very straightforward and not unlike a standard rental car or car purchasing agreement. Virtually all car dealerships provide on-site financing to make the entire process go smoothly and quickly. In fact, most dealerships maintain working relationships with 5 to 10 different banks and financial institutions. This gives customers different options to choose from and allows you to get access to the most competitive rates.

Finding Great Lease Deals

IHS Markit research shows that in 2021, more than 20 million vehicles on the road will be over 25 years old. If you’ve owned a used car, you know that older cars require a lot more maintenance. Auto parts need to be replaced more frequently and the repairs themselves are typically more severe than the more routine maintenance tasks you perform with a newer vehicle. Driving a newer car through a lease agreement means you spend a lot less money on maintenance and repair. Before the car begins to have serious problems, you’re already trading it in for something else.

The beauty of lease deals is that you can always choose to purchase a car that you’ve leased if you decide that you just have to have it. Changing the agreement into ownership is a simple enough matter than can be completed usually in less than an hour or two. Try a lease deal to see how you like it, and how you like driving a newer car without all the responsibility of ownership. You may find that this is the perfect car solution for you.

After all, it’s definitely a buyer’s market out there. Car dealerships want to make a deal with you. Between private-party and dealership sales, there are almost 40 million used cars exchanging hands every single year. The average vehicle will have three owners in its lifetime. How many vehicles will the average car owner have? Who says you want to be average?

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