What You Didnt Know About Auto Detailing

What You Didnt Know About Auto Detailing


What You Didn’t Know About Auto Detailing

Especially during the winter when the roads are covered in snow and salt, auto detailing can save the paint and metal of your car. Auto detailing starts with power-washing the car’s exterior to get all the dried salt pollution off the car.

If a car drives through gravel roads a lot or has a gravel driveway, rocks can chip the paint and allow dust to collect on the lower surfaces of the car. Auto detailing professionals also use an undercarriage sprayer to wash salt and buildup off the bottom of the vehicle far more effectively than a garage could.

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Once the exterior is washed and dried, it’s time to start working on the interior. Pet hair and dust are the two banes of a car interior. Getting the interior clean is a major job for an auto detailer because soft materials like car seats will absorb and trap pet hair, spills, and other assorted debris and make it difficult to get clean. Washing and brushes are two of the most common tools for this part of the job.

Good materials make the auto detailer’s job easier than cheap materials.


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