What To Know About Using Brake Controllers

What To Know About Using Brake Controllers


When shopping around before purchasing an electric brake controller, a vital aspect you need to consider is the specific location for the mount. Since it’s often below the steering column – either on the left or right side – just beneath the lower cover of the instrument panel, it’s almost impossible to avoid bumping into it when you’re getting into the car behind the wheel.

To this purpose, practically every model today has rounded corners or plastic borders on the case to reduce instances of discomfort and injuries.

Towing used to be a straightforward activity, so some people are still unaware of the need to install trailer brake controllers. In the past, you could finish hooking everything after attaching the hitch and installing a trailer wiring system.

However, most trailers available in the market are now pre-wired with a seven-pin connector. Therefore, you can now hook up additional components, such as reverse lighting or electric trailer brakes. With both four and seven-pin configurations now becoming more popular, your vehicle may already come equipped with such a setup for the stock trailer towing system.

Watch this informational video by RV Daily, where Tim and Wayne from Redarc give an in-depth guide about trailer brake controllers. You’ll discover everything you should know about your electric brake controller, as well as towing safety facts, in the video. After watching, you’ll understand how to use your brake controller best.

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