Understanding the Purpose of a Radiator Hose Clamp

Understanding the Purpose of a Radiator Hose Clamp


Before we even get to understand what a radiator hose clamp does, perhaps it is important to know what a radiator is and its purpose. A radiator acts as a heat exchange platform where it transfers thermal energy to different locations. Radiators are essential components in vehicles as they regulate heat exchange (heating and cooling). The radiator is also responsible for the cooling of the engine. A malfunction in the radiator can be detrimental to the vehicle. This is because; the engine is most likely to overheat constantly and eventually ruining the vehicle. Most parts under the car’s hood are not designed to handle extreme temperatures. This is the reason radiator hose clamps are important components that prevent the engine from overheating. There are parts that require heavy duty hose clamps and the radiator is one of them.

Types of Radiator Hose Clamps
A radiator has to have a heavy duty hose clamp due to the role that the radiator. The same applies for aircraft type hose clamps. There are here types of radiator hose clamps. One of them is spring clamps. The main purpose of these is to apply equal tension on the rubber hose of the radiator. In most cases, springs clamps are part of automotive hose clamps and therefore the car will come equipped with these type of clamps. No matter the condition of the hose, these clamps are designed to apply constant pressure throughout. The greatest challenge with spring clamps is that it is difficult to change the hose using these clamps. The other type of radiator hose clamps is worm clamps. This type of clamps is what most people are familiar with as they are used for a variety of purposes. Of importance to note is that hose clamps are made from stainless steel. The downside of worm clamps is that they have tendency of cutting of fraying the hose. They also do not adjust in size in response to a change in size of the hose which may cause leaks. The last type of radiator hose clamps is racing clamps. These are made from high quality material and have easy of removal. However, you are less likely to find them in a traditional car parts store.

Replacing a Radiator Hose Clamp
Under the current economic conditions, everyone is looking to save some money. This is the more reason why you need to teach yourself how to replace different car parts instead of always having to spend for it. Knowing the basic car’s anatomy is not as challenging as most people assume. It is important that hose clamps be replaced every few years or at least a basic check be conducted to ascertain their condition. You need to first cool the engine before replacing the hose clamp. Make sure that the car has not been running for a while. Working with a car that has sat for a short period of time could make the replacement of the hose clamps a challenging activity than necessary. The next thing you should do is to measure the existing hoses in order to ascertain the length and the diameter of replacement hoses. Always make sure that you use the correct size of the clamps as they tend to fail over time. Using the wrong size of clamps can cause engine failure. When removing the clamps for the hose, you should wiggle the hose out to prevent damaging it.

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