Tire Pressure Why Is It Important?

Tire Pressure Why Is It Important?


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Tire pressure is a very important detail to check when you service your vehicle. Your tires are a crucial part of your car, they bring you over 10,000 miles per year! Neglecting vehicles costs the economy over two billion each year, so make sure not to fall behind in your tire maintenance! Here is a beginner’s guide to tire pressure, one of the important auto repair services that should be implemented regularly.

What is tire pressure?

Tire pressure measures the amount of air in your tires, in pounds per square inch. You should always keep your tire pressure at the recommended limit stated by your vehicle’s owner manual, and you can easily check this by using a pressure gauge.

Why is this important?

First and foremost, having proper tire pressure is an important safety concern. Overinflated tires are rigid, and cause a harder, more uncomfortable ride on the ground. It also leads to uneven tread wear, making the center of the tire worn down leaving the edges with more wear. This can cause damage from potholes and other blemishes on the road.

Uninflated tires are flatter to the ground. As they are more flexible when they roll, they can lead to increased rolling resistance.

Your tires are the most important safety devices in your car after the breaks. You do not want to risk braking and stability just because your tire pressure is low.

When should you do this?

It is important to check your tire pressure before any long road trip, and at the very least once a month. This should be done every time before you start driving, as driving will impair the accuracy. A helpful tip is to have a friendly auto mechanic check it every time you go in for an oil change.

Tire wear

Your tire wear can be a good indicator of your tire pressure. Visually check for any imperfections in the tire, and you can also use the penny test. Take a penny, and with Lincoln’s head upside down put it between the tread blocks of the tire. If you cannot see the top of Lincoln’s head, then you have more than 2/32 of an inch of tread remaining. But if you can see it, you need new tires.

Finding a place to service your vehicle is easy, head to your auto mechanic and choose from their large selection of tires!

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