Tips For Caring For Your Used Shelby Cobra

Shelby SS Cobra
Shelby SS Cobra

Tips For Caring For Your Used Shelby Cobra


The Shelby AC Cobra, Shelby SS Cobra, Shelby Series 2, all from different eras, and all are beautiful for all to see with a beast hidden under each of their bonnets. Many times, this jewel of a car called a Shelby is handed down as an heirloom in families, or because it retains its value and even appreciates in value, often it is put up for resale. If your case is the former or the latter, then the following are some tips for you to take care of your used Shelby SS Cobra, AC Cobra, Cobra Series, and many other models.

Read The User Manual

Before doing anything, make sure you have read the user manual for the car you have, before carrying out any maintenance. Each Shelby has its own manual that comes with it. Depending on the year of your Shelby, different instructions will be given to show you when and what you should be doing to keep your car running. The instructions for caring for the Shelby SS Cobra and the Shelby AC Cobra are different, just as an example .If you can not find your manual or at least the physical copy of your manual, you can look for it online.

Clean Any Mess In The Interior

If you want your Shelby SS Cobra or Shelby SS Cobra to remain as good as it was from the time it was bought at the Ford dealer, keep it clean on the inside. A rule of thumb to help with this is to not eat inside your car, so no burritos in the back-seat. Frequently clean your interior to keep its inner beauty, you can do it at home using a portable vacuum cleaner or by taking it to your nearest car wash. To keep your dashboard shiny and pleasing to the eye, wipe it with a microfibre cloth and use dashboard spray. With the dashboard spray, you can then give a signature scent to your Shelby SS Cobra. For instance, there is a range of flavours from the new car smell, jasmine to bubblegum. You not only keep your car clean, but you also give it an unforgettable aroma for passengers as well. Keeping your car tidy will also help keep your car safe, because of the chances of facing any obstructions when driving.

Make Sure Your Exterior Is Clean Too

This means the body of the car should be just as clean as the inside. The Shelby SS Cobra is a car that gets heads turning wherever you drive. You don’t want the first thing that those people see when they look at your car being a stain of bird poop. Frequently wash your car either at home or by getting a car wash service. You can also get a cover to protect your car from any dirt or stains if you are parking your car outside. If you leave your car unmaintained on the outside, this can ultimately affect the car’s performance and appeal. For example, a bird poop stain left unchecked can even corrode your car or a dusty windscreen can make it hard to see when driving.

Pay attention to Your Paint

This is a very valuable part of the car because it grabs a lot of attention. So you want to make sure people see your Shelby Cobra 427 or Shelby SS Cobra or Shelby Cobra in all its glory. This takes looking after the paint on your car. Primarily, paint keeps your car looking good and it also protects your car from all weather elements. The fact that paint does this means that the state of your paint affects the value of the car monetarily. If your used Shelby SS Cobra has a current paint job that betrays its age, then it’s probably time to repaint the car.Look out for any early signs of chipping or the paint fading. If you find any, do not hesitate to go to your local auto store to get paint damage repair products. It is best to keep your car looking like it was the day it came out of its show room. So, if you plan to resell the car you can get a reasonable amount in return.

Get Your Car Insured

This is not a physical way of keeping your car cared for, however, in the event that the worst happens to your dear Shelby SS Cobra. You want to have the peace of mind that comes with having had your car insured. To save yourself tears, find the best and most affordable auto insurance that is available. This will help when unfortunate events happen in the future when repairs are necessary. Make sure you understand the car insurance policy. Some may not give you cover for certain services. That way you’ll avoid giving your mechanic a blank stare when he tells you how high your bill is.

Check Your Engine Oil

Diesel engines are used in many trucks and cars nowadays. While modern engines are more fuel efficient, routine diesel engine repair, oil and filter, fuel filter, and water separator are essential to keep your diesel running as smoothly as the day it was constructed. To check your Shelby Cobra engine oil, start the engine and let it run for a few minutes before turning it off. Remove the dipstick and clean it with a clean cloth or paper towel while the engine is still warm. Replace the dipstick, making sure it’s fully inserted to avoid a misleading reading.

Check the oil level by removing the dipstick. It should be somewhere in the middle of the scale. If your oil level is low, top it up, but first consult your owner’s manual to determine the proper oil quality. If there isn’t any oil on the dipstick, don’t start the engine! An engine that isn’t getting any oil can seize and be very expensive to repair.

Check Your Tyres

Just as legs are important to a chair, your tires are as important to your car. Before a trip, check the pressure of all your wheels every time you are at a gas station. Make sure to use the air pump. Once a month, check your spare wheel so that you are not unprepared if you have to change a tyre. When seasons change, be sure to replace your tires accordingly. An alternative way of keeping your tyres in good condition is by rotating them. This saves some money compared to waiting to replace all your tires.

Be Conscious of Your Brakes

This part of the car largely affects the safety and performance of your car. The Shelby SS Cobra may be a speed machine, but acceleration is just as important as deceleration. The first protocol when maintaining your brakes is to check your brake fluids. It’s convenient to check your brake fluid at the same time as when you are checking your fuel. Brake fluid should be replaced after every two years in most cases. Inspect both your brake pads and rotors at the same time. It’s advised to change break pads after six thousand miles.

Use The Right Kind of Fuel

The engine of the Shelby is in most cases turbo charged. This means that the fuel it uses has to work well with its engine. To get the exact fuel composition needed, refer to the car manual. Usually, high octane fuel is what is recommended for the Shelby. Failure to use the right fuel can result in the car knocking. Imagine having gone out for a ride around the countryside only for you to have to try to call for car towing service all because you used the wrong gas.

Check The Wiring

It’s important to see that everything that is electronic is working. You do not want to take the risk of driving with your lights not working. Check your headlights, indicator, brake lights and park lights on a regular basis and replace any of the lights if need be. The electronic components that work on the interior are also important as they greatly affect your comfort when driving. Test to see if your heating and air conditions are working well once a month. If there are any persistent issues with your air condition and there is nothing that your manual can suggest, you will have to visit your auto electrician for air conditioning repair. For a lot more modern models of the Shelby, making sure the wiring is intact is very important because a lot of them use sensors. So, to make sure everything is under control, troubleshoot all the components with the help of a friend to see if everything that should be triggered is triggered.

Be On The Alert For Leakages

Look out for and dripping oils and fluids when you have parked your car, or when you are on the road. This is a major indicator of something being amiss with the car going to your nearest car mechanic in the event of this happening. It should not be something to brush off, because it can mean any part of the car is malfunctioning, and at times it may mean more than one part is broken.


Adding personal flair to your mustang should be something to embrace. It can be something as simple as adding racing stripes or changing the suspension. These modifications can add some value to your vehicle. In some cases, because of the year the car was manufactured, certain components may need an upgrade. Your interior may not be comfortable, so retouching the seats and giving them a leather finish can be what you need to do, not only to make your rides more enjoyable, but also to add value to your car. Depending on the state of the car when you receive it, it may be in need of recitation. Customising your car can add a more luxurious appeal to your car. You go for a car window tinting service, tint your windows for your privacy or to create the mysterious feeling about who the driver of the Shelby could be. Maybe you might want to replace the windows in your car with more modern windows that offer better insulation in the winter. Please contact your auto glass services provider for them to overhaul your windows and provide car window tinting services. The bottom line is that your mustang should not look and feel basic, you should own it and make it suit your persona.

Mind Your Journey

The problem that a lot of car owners have is that they use their cars unnecessarily and sometimes incorrectly. At the start of the journey, give your car some time to warm up its engine before heading out. Make sure that the trips that you are making are more than at least ten minutes long. Short trips tend to strain the car engine. When travelling in higher gears, always keep your speed up so as not to strain your car. When the trip ends and you are at your destination, do not suddenly switch off your car but rather let your car cool down first.

Keep Track Of Your Car

Get a GPS tracker installed on your Shelby. It may seem drastic, but with all the time and love, you get a gem out of your vehicle. If it ever got stolen to avoid a sheer heart attack, having a tracker would do a great deal of help in terms of recovering your beloved car. It would also be handy to have if you consider hiring out your car to know where exactly it is at all times.

It is a thing of pride to own a Shelby no matter what the condition is. It brings an even greater honour and pleasure to be able to maintain the car and to even improve the state that it is in. These tips should help guide you in your ownership of your Shelby to give it longevity. With a jewel of car like the Shelby, the best attitude to have is to treat your car with all the love and respect it deserves whilst following the owners’ manual.

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