Three Things You Need To Know Before Letting a Transport Company Move Your Car

Three Things You Need To Know Before Letting a Transport Company Move Your Car


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When you need to transport a car, ATV, boat, or RV (or perhaps multiple vehicles) over a long distance, it’s often much easier to find a vehicle transport service that will take care of everything. You won’t have to worry about fuel costs or about keeping your car safe from scratches and dents out on the road; in the long run, you’ll end up saving a lot of money, and you’ll eliminate one of the biggest sources of stress involved in the moving process.

That being said, finding a dependable auto shipping company isn’t always easy. The industry is not strongly regulated and many companies are able to find loopholes in the system that allow them to take advantage of customers who need vehicles shipped. The easiest way to make sure that you find a good vehicle shipping service is simply to make sure that you’re aware of the practices that untrustworthy car transport companies tend to exhibit:

First, these companies can’t do all of the shipping themselves (at least, not in the U.S.). Effectively managing so many employees and so many transport vehicles — which are driving to cities all across the country, and many times transporting vehicles to other countries — would just be impossible. Car transport companies function as the middlemen, and they outsource the actual transporting to other drivers. Not only should you make sure to find out who will actually be doing the transporting, but you should be very wary of companies that claim to do all of the shipping themselves.

Second, you shouldn’t automatically go with the cheapest transport service you can find. This is actually related to the first point: because transport services outsource their drivers, they need to settle on prices that are fair to both the customers and the drivers. When a company offers an unusually low rate, that often means that they haven’t found a transporter yet — they’re just looking to reel in customers and collect their money. Only after they have customers, these companies will look for drivers who will agree to the ultra-low payments. Not surprisingly, most drivers refuse to accept those payments, and in the end, the customer’s vehicle never ends up being transported. So while it’s not always necessary to find the expensive car transport companies, you’ll want to stay away from the cheapest ones.

And third, make sure you find out as much information about a company as possible before signing any contracts or making any payments. The best transport service isn’t always the service with 100% positive customer feedback — the best service is one that promises transparency, and is willing to show potential customers both positive and negative feedback. It will provide a full list of company policies and prices, and will provide proof of licensing and insurance policies.

Remember, it’s perfectly acceptable to ask as many questions as you feel necessary before choosing a transport service. You’ll be entrusting the company with something very valuable, and you have a right to know exactly what their policies are and how your vehicle will be treated throughout the entire process.
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