Three Common Mustang Suspension Problems

Three Common Mustang Suspension Problems


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Ford mustangs have long been popular cars for those who like style and speed. Engine power ranges form 101-390 horsepower creating a sleek design with excellent handling and quick speed. Due to this mustangs have always been a strong selling car from the time they were first produced. Mustangs sold well over 418,000 mustangs by the time of their one-year anniversary. These cars have a strong selling rate whether buying brand new or buying used. Whether buying used and repairing your mustang suspension or restoring an older model, look for these common mustang suspension problems.

Lack of Proper Balance

Many people with sports cars are known for their fast driving, but this habit can cause a host of problems for your mustang suspension. Mustang racing can create an imbalance especially in older cars. Muscle mustangs are most popular for this problem due to their fast nature. Those who are in the process of fixing up a mustang or performing ford mustang repair should be especially familiar with diagnosing this problem. Without proper diagnosis and repair it can start to affect the handling, your braking, your power as well as your safety.

Non-Factory Parts

Many people know how important it is to use genuine parts when performing repair or mustang suspension work, but that does not mean the previous owner followed the same rule. Even though the car itself may be a particular model, that does not mean all the parts are. Many people run into this problem with fixing other problems and realizing that parts won’t fit. The reason is commonly the parts used in the first place. Research and ensure that you know exactly what parts are on your mustang. This can save a lot of hassle and confusion when dealing with mustang suspension problems or when rebuilding a mustang.

Structural Issues

Many structural issues cause a host of problems for the mustang suspension, but the most popular is rust. Once rust affects the frame of the car, it can cause more serious problems that consume time and money to repair. Owners who believe they are in the clear may not be so lucky either, if you bought your mustang from someone else, there are no guarantees they did everything to avoid rust. Sometimes common driving issues like winter driving on icy roads causes rust. Other times living by the ocean can be the culprit. No matter what the reason is, diagnosing and fixing a rust problem early is your best bet.

Repairing or restoring a mustang can be a pleasant experience for car enthusiasts, but it can also leave you irritated and in a bad mood when problems arise. These common mustang suspension problems may give you an idea of common problems that you might typically find when restoring and repairing a ford mustang.

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