Things to Consider Before Buying Armored Cars

Things to Consider Before Buying Armored Cars


There are a lot of reasons why you need an armored car. However, buying an armored car is not as straightforward as buying an ordinary car. Today, the armored vehicle industry has grown tremendously with the Armored Transportation Services sector having increased by 2.8% in 2018. Based on the varying reasons why people are going for armored transportation, the demand for armored vehicles is expected to increase even further. Originally, the idea of an armored car was conceived by Leonardo da Vinci came up with the first idea in a 1485 sketch. Since then, armored cars were used for protection. For example, the Pope started riding in an armored car in 1981 after an assassination attempt on the life of Pope John Paul II in 1981. Since then, manufactures have designed lightweight armored cars for sale by private security firms and general armored vehicles for sale. When buying an armored vehicle, consider the following:

How Much Security You Need
The type of car that you buy should level the kind of security you need. For example, prominent people such as presidents drive around in armored cars based on the nature of their duties. In the U.S, the president of the United States drives around in an armored Cadillac limo nicknamed ‘The Beast.’ If you are looking a bulletproof van or a bulletproof suv, take into consideration the nature and extent of security services that you need. For light courier services, you can go for an affordable swat van that is reinforced to offer lightweight security. However, private security companies often purchase tactical vehicles for sale with additional security features. There are used armored vehicles for sale that vary in size, safety features and terrains build.

Consider Your Budget
Your budget should be one of the key determinants when choosing an armored vehicle. An armored swat van, armored sedan or an armored Mercedes is available at selected dealerships as long as you conform to the set regulations of possessing an armored vehicle. However, heavy-duty armored vehicles are very expensive and the logistics of buying the same can be time consuming. There are regulations that surround armored vehicle purchases. If you have a deep taste for vehicles, there is likelihood that you will narrow down on top brands for your choice. These will come at a cost. If you have the financial capability of owning such top brands, it is justifiable that you go with your taste. If you are operating on a lean budget however, make sure that the swat van or armored sedan that you choose is affordable and will not strain you financially.

Keep Your Options Open Including Leasing
You need to be very open-minded when choosing an armored vehicle. If you are looking for a swat van for your business operations, it doesn’t hurt raiding a few dealerships and doing a price comparison. Another option to consider is leasing as opposed to buying. This can actually save you money if the need for the car is not permanent. For example, if you are looking for a heavy duty armored suv but don’t have the ability to buy one, you can consider leasing the vehicle as opposed to buying a cheaper model that doesn’t suit your specific needs. Buying the vehicle might seem like the best idea since you will have more liberty with regards to the vehicle’s use but what importance will the vehicle serve if it falls short of your specifications.

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