The Importance Of Regular Car Maintenance

The Importance Of Regular Car Maintenance


If you’re an adult that lives in the United States, it’s more likely than not that you own a car. After all, there are more cars owned and used here in the United States than in any other country on this planet. To be fair, cars serve an incredibly important function here, where many people commute to work quite considerable distances every day of the working week. With a lack of public transportation in many places – even in some cities of considerable size – cars have become very much necessary for day to day life.

And if you need a car, there is almost certainly the right car out there for you. From SUVs to mini vans to mid-sized sedans to trucks, etc, etc, there is no doubt about it that the options for motor vehicles are many. There are even many different price points to look at, especially if you decide that you’re comfortable with buying a used car, or even one that has been certified pre owned. Auto loans are also very common, allowing people to get the car that suits their needs.

No matter what car you get, driving a car has become more enjoyable in recent years than it has ever been before, thanks to innovations that have been made all throughout the auto industry. For instance, air conditioning in cars is relatively new, not existing before first being utilized back in the year of 1933. Nowadays, many people can’t imagine driving their cars without the option for air conditioning, especially when they live in places that get particularly hot during the summer months.

Of course, however, even the most top of the line cars require maintenance at an auto mechanic shop in order to keep them in good working order. As anyone who works at such an auto mechanic shop will be all too able to tell you, skipping out on car maintenance can have a number of very negative and even drastic consequences. Though it can be hard to find the time to go into an auto mechanic shop to actually have this maintenance performed, it’s well worth the time and the small amount of money that it is likely to cost you. Unfortunately, however, more than 75% of all vehicles on the road today here in the United States have gone without some form of necessary servicing and maintenance.

For instance, getting an oil change on a regular basis is very much necessary to keep your engine running smoothly – or at all. If you go without an oil change from a professional auto mechanic shop, you’re more likely than not going to find yourself running into engine troubles sooner or later. Ideally, as any auto shop will suggest, you should be changing your oil at least once for every 5,000 miles that you drive. If you haven’t driven 5,000 miles in quite some time, you should then be checking your oil at changing it at least once in every four month period.

Tire maintenance is also crucial, as anyone who works in the tire shop of any given auto mechanic shop can attest to. In fact, under inflated tires that have not been regularly serviced have even been found to pose a danger and a risk that many people simply are not as aware of as they should be – if they are aware of it at all. But aware of it or not, there is no denying that nearly 1.5% of the six million car accidents occurring in the United States on a yearly basis occur in direct correlation to one of the cars involved having under inflated tires.

Getting your tires rotated in an auto mechanic shop is also a matter of considerable importance when it comes to the overall maintenance of your car or other such motor vehicle. While this might not seem to be the case, a lack of tire rotation has significant consequences, leading to uneven wear and tear on your tires. Not only will uneven wear make driving more physically uncomfortable, it will actually lead to your tires lasting for less time than they otherwise would have been able to.

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