The Importance Of Properly Maintaining Your Machine Tools

The Importance Of Properly Maintaining Your Machine Tools


Machine services are essential to companies and individuals alike. Their ability to provide quality service each time allows us to remain loyal customers to their craft. We rely on machinery every day to complete even the most basic of a task that would impede us if it were to malfunction or break, but the use of machines is not a new concept. The first machine tools known to exist were the bow lathe and bow drill, which were handcrafted and dated back to as early as 1200 B.C; the fabric of our world had massively benefited from the creation of machines and machine shop services that were typically fixed by hand before industrial tools were designed. Today, we are far more technological and industrially advanced to the point of repairs branching off towards machine shop and engineering services that aim to provide tools able to resolve any mechanical issue.

What Types Of Services Do Machine Shops Offer?

Machine shops are meant to specialize in a variety of areas that identify the central issue of the customer’s machinery and provides repair service to the affected areas. The types of services provided vary depending on which machine shop you visit, most shops offer a combination of both basic and extensive machine repairs to benefit customers, which include hand breaks, saws, shears, press breaks, hand breaks, slitters, coilers, notchers, spot welders, and machine shop machinery.

What Is The Cost Of Rebuilding Tools?

Rebuilding tools vary in cost significant; it typically depends on the type of tool and the amount of work that is required to revamp it to its original state. Machine deals can vary throughout states, for example, a Phoenix machine shop won’t have the same deal as a machine shop located in Birmingham, Alabama. Although most machine tools don’t simply stop operating, their level of output significant decreases, and it shows in its limited ability. Machine tools are specialized for shaping and machining various rigid metals that function in term of removing materials from another workpiece for functionality purposes, usually threading, boring, turning, and facing. For some machines, there is specific machine tool repair that is helpful for a different tool, like a lathe that has a primary use for virtually every product, including candlesticks, musical instruments, table legs, and gun barrels. Lathe repair encompasses a different process from other machinery; lathes consist of many parts that can be retooled to perform a wide array of tasks, making it a versatile piece of equipment.

How Long Does It Take To Rebuild Tools?

Serving your tools at a machine shop could be completed in as little as 2 to 3 weeks, depending on the situation and current shape of the tool. Although most tools aren’t susceptible to significant damages beyond repair, its wear and tear can play a factor in what kind of repairs it’s required to restore it to nearly-new. The benefits of a machine shop, though, means most machines can be rebuilt at a fraction of the cost it would take to build an entirely new one, and a machine shop has the ability to keep repairs and delivery times to a minimum to meet their client’s necessarily specifications.

There are sure signs that present themselves to alert you of a potential issue, if unusual noises are becoming a common occurrence this usually means a machine needs to be inspected or repaired, likewise, to avoid machine tool repairs be sure to check the gearbox spindle’s oil level and aproon are consistent in the safe line. As mentioned earlier, lathe repairs are slightly different in their methods, the chip/gram located on a lathe machine can’t be exposed to high-pressure air, requires consistent maintenance to ensure no friction is present, and regularly clean and re-oil the machine and wiper pads. There are also other services available to assist in transportation that offers a discounted labor rate if you deliver to their repair facility or consulting services that provide advice and prices about rebuilding machines. If you’re having trouble finding a specific part that your machine requires, most professional machine shops should have an extensive parts inventory to assist customers in their selection.

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